Commit c22554ac authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(Fbase64_encode_string): New optional argument `NO_LINE_BREAK'.

parent 02882bbc
......@@ -2897,9 +2897,11 @@ into shorter lines.")
DEFUN ("base64-encode-string", Fbase64_encode_string, Sbase64_encode_string,
1, 1, 0,
"Base64-encode STRING and return the result.")
1, 2, 0,
"Base64-encode STRING and return the result.\n\
Optional second argument NO-LINE-BREAK means do not break long lines\n\
into shorter lines.")
(string, no_line_break)
Lisp_Object string;
int allength, length, encoded_length;
......@@ -2918,7 +2920,7 @@ DEFUN ("base64-encode-string", Fbase64_encode_string, Sbase64_encode_string,
encoded = (char *) xmalloc (allength);
encoded_length = base64_encode_1 (XSTRING (string)->data,
encoded, length, 0);
encoded, length, NILP (no_line_break));
if (encoded_length > allength)
abort ();
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