Commit c22aeff8 authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv

(sigchld_handler): Set synch_process_termsig

if terminated by a signal.  synch_process_death setting removed.
parent ca498128
......@@ -6212,18 +6212,7 @@ sigchld_handler (signo)
if (WIFEXITED (w))
synch_process_retcode = WRETCODE (w);
else if (WIFSIGNALED (w))
int code = WTERMSIG (w);
char *signame;
synchronize_system_messages_locale ();
signame = strsignal (code);
if (signame == 0)
signame = "unknown";
synch_process_death = signame;
synch_process_termsig = WTERMSIG (w);
/* Tell wait_reading_process_input that it needs to wake up and
look around. */
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