Commit c2579664 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Overlay Arrow, Fringe Bitmaps, Customizing Bitmaps): Now subnodes of Fringes.

(Overlay Arrow): Document overlay-arrow-variable-list.
(Fringe Size/Pos): New node, broken out of Fringes.
(Display): Explain clearing vs redisplay better.
(Truncation): Clarify use of bitmaps.
(The Echo Area): Clarify the uses of the echo area.
Add max-mini-window-height.
(Progress): Clarify.
(Invisible Text): Explain that main loop moves point out.
(Selective Display): Say "hidden", not "invisible".
(Managing Overlays): Moved up.  Describe relation to Undo here.
(Overlay Properties): Clarify intro.
(Finding Overlays): Explain return values when nothing found.
(Width): truncate-string-to-width has added arg.
(Displaying Faces): Clarify and update mode line face handling.
(Face Functions): Minor cleanup.
(Conditional Display): Merged into Other Display Specs.
(Pixel Specification, Other Display Specs): Minor cleanups.
(Images, Image Descriptors): Minor cleanups.
(GIF Images): Patents have expired.
(Showing Images): Explain default text for insert-image.
(Manipulating Button Types): Merged into Manipulating Buttons.
(Making Buttons): Explain return values.
(Button Buffer Commands): Add xref.
(Inverse Video): Update mode-line-inverse-video.
(Display Table Format): Clarify.
(Active Display Table): Give defaults for window-display-table.
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