Commit c25f25a2 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(where_is_string, Fwhere_is): Deleted.

(syms_of_keymap): Corresponding changes.
parent 32033024
......@@ -1710,39 +1710,6 @@ indirect definition itself.")
return found;
/* Return a string listing the keys and buttons that run DEFINITION. */
static Lisp_Object
where_is_string (definition)
Lisp_Object definition;
register Lisp_Object keys, keys1;
keys = Fwhere_is_internal (definition, Voverriding_local_map, Qnil, Qnil);
keys1 = Fmapconcat (Qkey_description, keys, build_string (", "));
return keys1;
DEFUN ("where-is", Fwhere_is, Swhere_is, 1, 1, "CWhere is command: ",
"Print message listing key sequences that invoke specified command.\n\
Argument is a command definition, usually a symbol with a function definition.")
Lisp_Object definition;
register Lisp_Object string;
CHECK_SYMBOL (definition, 0);
string = where_is_string (definition);
if (XSTRING (string)->size)
message ("%s is on %s", XSYMBOL (definition)->name->data,
XSTRING (string)->data);
message ("%s is not on any key", XSYMBOL (definition)->name->data);
return Qnil;
/* describe-bindings - summarizing all the bindings in a set of keymaps. */
......@@ -2414,7 +2381,6 @@ key, typing `ESC O P x' would return [f1 x].");
defsubr (&Ssingle_key_description);
defsubr (&Stext_char_description);
defsubr (&Swhere_is_internal);
defsubr (&Swhere_is);
defsubr (&Sdescribe_bindings);
defsubr (&Sapropos_internal);
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