; * lisp/progmodes/js.el: Fix typo

parent 3d21ba37
......@@ -2011,7 +2011,7 @@ For use by `syntax-propertize-extend-region-functions'."
;; When applying syntax properties, since `js-syntax-propertize' uses
;; `syntax-propertize-rules' to parse JSXBoundaryElements iteratively
;; and statelessly, whenever we exit such an element, we need to
;; determine the JSX depth. If >0, then we know we to apply syntax
;; determine the JSX depth. If >0, then we know to apply syntax
;; properties to JSXText up until the next JSXBoundaryElement occurs.
;; But if the JSX depth is 0, then—importantly—we know to NOT parse
;; the following code as JSXText, rather propertize it as regular JS
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