Commit c2f0944a authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(term-raw-map): Set it up at load time.

(term-char-mode): Don't set up term-raw-map here.
(term-set-escape-char): Don't set up C-x subcommand.
(term-ansi-face-already-done): Renamed from
(term-command-hook): Avoid error if STRING is empty.
(term, term-mode): Doc fixes.

Redesign handling of colors and faces.
Delete all the faces that this mode used to make.
(ansi-term-color-vector): New variable.
(ansi-term-fg-faces-vector, ansi-term-bg-faces-vector)
(ansi-term-inv-bg-faces-vector, ansi-term-inv-fg-faces-vector):
Variables deleted.
(term-default-fg-color, term-default-bg-color): Use defcustom.
(term-handle-colors-array): Use ansi-term-color-vector,
and specify face attributes rather than faces in `face' property.

(term-ansi-fg-faces-vector, term-ansi-bg-faces-vector)
(term-ansi-inv-fg-faces-vector, term-ansi-inv-bg-faces-vector)
(term-ansi-reverse-faces-vector): Unused variables deleted.
(term-ignore-error): Macro deleted.
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