Commit c308c463 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(math-read-big-expr, math-read-big-bigp): Replace variable lines by

(math-read-big-expr): Replace variables the-baseline, the-h2
and err-msg by math-read-big-baseline, math-read-big-h2 and
(math-read-big-bigp): Replace variable h2 with math-rb-h2.
parent 58cf70d3
......@@ -2943,37 +2943,39 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(math-expr-function-mapping (get 'tex 'math-function-table))
(math-expr-variable-mapping (get 'tex 'math-variable-table)))
(math-read-expr str)))
(let ((lines nil)
(let ((math-read-big-lines nil)
(pos 0)
(width 0)
(err-msg nil)
the-baseline the-h2
(math-read-big-err-msg nil)
math-read-big-baseline math-read-big-h2
new-pos p)
(while (setq new-pos (string-match "\n" str pos))
(setq lines (cons (substring str pos new-pos) lines)
(setq math-read-big-lines
(cons (substring str pos new-pos) math-read-big-lines)
pos (1+ new-pos)))
(setq lines (nreverse (cons (substring str pos) lines))
p lines)
(setq math-read-big-lines
(nreverse (cons (substring str pos) math-read-big-lines))
p math-read-big-lines)
(while p
(setq width (max width (length (car p)))
p (cdr p)))
(if (math-read-big-bigp lines)
(if (math-read-big-bigp math-read-big-lines)
(or (catch 'syntax
(math-read-big-rec 0 0 width (length lines)))
(math-read-big-rec 0 0 width (length math-read-big-lines)))
'(error 0 "Syntax error"))
(math-read-expr str)))))
(defun math-read-big-bigp (lines)
(and (cdr lines)
(defun math-read-big-bigp (math-read-big-lines)
(and (cdr math-read-big-lines)
(let ((matrix nil)
(v 0)
(height (if (> (length (car lines)) 0) 1 0)))
(while (and (cdr lines)
(height (if (> (length (car math-read-big-lines)) 0) 1 0)))
(while (and (cdr math-read-big-lines)
(let* ((i 0)
(l1 (car lines))
(l2 (nth 1 lines))
(l1 (car math-read-big-lines))
(l2 (nth 1 math-read-big-lines))
(len (min (length l1) (length l2))))
(if (> (length l2) 0)
(setq height (1+ height)))
......@@ -2984,7 +2986,7 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(= (aref l2 i) (aref l1 i)))
(and (eq (aref l1 i) ?\[)
(eq (aref l2 i) ?\[)
(let ((h2 (length l1)))
(let ((math-rb-h2 (length l1)))
(setq j (math-read-big-balance
(1+ i) v "[")))
(setq i (1- j)))))
......@@ -2994,10 +2996,10 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(eq (aref l2 i) ?\[)
(setq matrix t)
(setq lines (cdr lines)
(setq math-read-big-lines (cdr math-read-big-lines)
v (1+ v)))
(or (and (> height 1)
(not (cdr lines)))
(not (cdr math-read-big-lines)))
;;; Nontrivial "flat" formatting.
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