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etc/NEWS: Mention HTML support in Rmail.

parent 2805ba19
......@@ -136,6 +136,12 @@ See `diary-chinese-list-entries' and `diary-chinese-mark-entries'.
** The Rmail commands d, C-d and u now handle repeat counts to delete or
undelete multiple messages.
** Rmail can now render HTML mail messages if your Emacs was built with
libxml2 or if you have the Lynx browser installed. By default, Rmail
will display the HTML version of a mail message that has both HTML and
plain text parts, if display of HTML email is possible; customize the
`rmail-mime-prefer-html' option to `nil' if you don't want that.
** SES now supports local printer functions; see `ses-define-local-printer'.
** In sh-mode, you can now use `sh-shell' as a file-local variable to
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