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README.multi-tty updates.

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......@@ -42,10 +42,10 @@ then start up the emacs server (src/emacs, M-x server-start), and then
You'll hopefully have two fully working frames on separate terminals.
If you exit emacs, both terminals should be restored to their previous
states. You can close the newly opened frame and return to the shell
without exiting Emacs with C-x 5 0, i.e., delete-frame.
At the moment you can not close terminals without exiting Emacs --
this will soon be implemented.
X, Mac, Windows and DOS support is broken, probably doesn't even
compile -- this will be solved later.
......@@ -210,11 +210,18 @@ THINGS TO DO
** Export delete_tty to the Lisp environment, for emacsclient.
** Restore tty screen after closing the terminal.
** 'TERM=dumb src/emacs' does not restore the terminal state.
** C-g should work on secondary terminals.
** Make parts of struct tty_output accessible from Lisp. The device
name and the type is sufficient.
** Find out why does Emacs abort when it wants to close its
controlling tty.
** Implement support for starting an interactive Emacs session without
an initial frame. (The user would connect to it and open frames
later, with emacsclient.) Not necessarily a good idea.
......@@ -229,7 +236,10 @@ THINGS TO DO
** Move optimalization parameters (costs) from union output_data to
a backend-neutral per-device structure.
** Do tty output through term_hooks, too.
** Find out the best way to support suspending Emacs with multiple
** Do tty output through term_hooks, like all other display backends.
** Fix X support.
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