Commit c382ec40 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie
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(c-other-decl-block-key-in-symbols-alist): new language variable.

parent a335046b
......@@ -1601,6 +1601,17 @@ will be handled."
t (c-make-keywords-re t (c-lang-const c-other-block-decl-kwds)))
(c-lang-defvar c-other-decl-block-key (c-lang-const c-other-decl-block-key))
(c-lang-defvar c-other-decl-block-key-in-symbols-alist
(lambda (elt)
(cons elt
(if (string= elt "extern")
(intern (concat "in" elt)))))
(c-lang-const c-other-block-decl-kwds))
"Alist associating keywords in c-other-decl-block-decl-kwds with
their matching \"in\" syntactic symbols.")
(c-lang-defconst c-typedef-decl-kwds
"Keywords introducing declarations where the identifier(s) being
declared are types.
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