Commit c3907a7e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(scan_lists): Bring FROM back into range BEGV...ZV.

parent cebe85e9
......@@ -1827,12 +1827,17 @@ scan_lists (from, count, depth, sexpflag)
int temp_pos;
int last_good = from;
int found;
int from_byte = CHAR_TO_BYTE (from);
int from_byte;
int out_bytepos, out_charpos;
int temp;
if (depth > 0) min_depth = 0;
if (from > ZV) from = ZV;
if (from < BEGV) from = BEGV;
from_byte = CHAR_TO_BYTE (from);
immediate_quit = 1;
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