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notes/copyright: Report status more accurately for non-GPL files.

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2011-01-02 Paul Eggert <>
* notes/copyright: Report status more accurately for non-GPL files.
Report copyright status more accurately for mkinstalldirs,
configure, m4/getopt.m4, and msdos/sed*.inp.
2011-01-02 Eli Zaretskii <>
* nt/README.W32: Update the information about PNG support libraries.
......@@ -132,10 +132,17 @@ Cocoa/Emacs.base/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings
`set-copyright' in admin.el will do all the above.
- copyright FSF, with unlimited permission to copy, distribute and modify
- copyright FSF, with MIT-like license
- this file is copyright MIT, which is OK. Leave the copyright alone.
public domain, leave alone.
......@@ -329,6 +336,9 @@ Leave the copyrights alone. Leave the Eli Zaretskii copyright in
is_exec.c alone. See the msdos/README file for the legal history of
these files.
msdos/sed*.inp - These files are copyright FSF and distributed under
an MIT-like license.
Keep the "copyright.h" method used by X11, rather than moving the
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