Commit c3ada74f authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(display_mode_line): Rename perdisplay to kboard.

parent fb917148
......@@ -2966,18 +2966,18 @@ display_mode_line (w)
w->column_number_displayed = Qnil;
get_display_line (f, vpos, left);
/* Sigh, mode-line-format can reference display-local variables like
/* Sigh, mode-line-format can reference kboard-local variables like
defining-kbd-macro. Use the one associated with the frame we're
updating. */
PERDISPLAY *orig_perdisplay = current_perdisplay;
current_perdisplay = get_perdisplay (f);
KBOARD *orig_kboard = current_kboard;
current_kboard = FRAME_KBOARD (f);
display_mode_element (w, vpos, left, 0, right, right,
current_perdisplay = orig_perdisplay;
current_kboard = orig_kboard;
FRAME_DESIRED_GLYPHS (f)->bufp[vpos] = 0;
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