Commit c3b41c64 authored by Artur Malabarba's avatar Artur Malabarba

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Implement displaying obsolete packages

(package-menu--hide-obsolete): New variable.
(package--remove-hidden): Use it.
(package-menu-hide-obsolete): New interactive function to toggle
the variable.
(package--quick-help-keys): Document it.
(package-menu-async): Add :version tag.
(package-menu-mode-map): Bind package-menu-hide-obsolete.
(package-desc-status): Indicate non-installed obsolete packages as
(package-menu-mark-install): Allow installation of avail-obso.
(package-menu--status-predicate): Sort avail-obso with available.
parent 00b73a08
......@@ -2296,6 +2296,7 @@ will be deleted."
(define-key map "x" 'package-menu-execute)
(define-key map "h" 'package-menu-quick-help)
(define-key map "?" 'package-menu-describe-package)
(define-key map "(" #'package-menu-hide-obsolete)
(define-key map [menu-bar package-menu] (cons "Package" menu-map))
(define-key menu-map [mq]
'(menu-item "Quit" quit-window
......@@ -2446,14 +2447,29 @@ of these dependencies, similar to the list returned by
(let* ((ins (cadr (assq name package-alist)))
(ins-v (if ins (package-desc-version ins))))
((or (null ins) (version-list-< ins-v version))
;; Installed obsolete packages are handled in the `dir'
;; clause above. Here we handle available obsolete, which
;; are displayed depending on `package-menu--hide-obsolete'.
((and ins (version-list-<= version ins-v)) "avail-obso")
(if (memq name package-menu--new-package-list)
"new" "available"))
((version-list-< version ins-v) "obsolete")
((version-list-= version ins-v)
(if (not signed) "unsigned"
(if (package--user-selected-p name)
"installed" "dependency")))))))))
"new" "available"))))))))
(defvar package-menu--hide-obsolete t
"Whether avaiable obsolete packages should be hidden.
Can be toggled with \\<package-menu-mode-map> \\[package-menu-hide-obsolete].
Installed obsolete packages are always displayed.")
(defun package-menu-hide-obsolete ()
"Toggle visibility of obsolete available packages."
(unless (derived-mode-p 'package-menu-mode)
(user-error "The current buffer is not a Package Menu"))
(setq package-menu--hide-obsolete
(not package-menu--hide-obsolete))
(message "%s available-obsolete packages" (if package-menu--hide-obsolete
"Hiding" "Displaying"))
(revert-buffer nil 'no-confirm))
(defun package-menu--refresh (&optional packages keywords)
"Re-populate the `tabulated-list-entries'.
......@@ -2485,9 +2501,10 @@ KEYWORDS should be nil or a list of keywords."
(setq name (car elt))
(when (or (eq packages t) (memq name packages))
(dolist (pkg (cdr elt))
;; Hide obsolete packages.
(when (and (not (package-installed-p (package-desc-name pkg)
(package-desc-version pkg)))
;; Hide available obsolete packages.
(when (and (not (and package-menu--hide-obsolete
(package-installed-p (package-desc-name pkg)
(package-desc-version pkg))))
(package--has-keyword-p pkg keywords))
(package--push pkg (package-desc-status pkg) info-list)))))
......@@ -2580,6 +2597,7 @@ Return (PKG-DESC [NAME VERSION STATUS DOC])."
(face (pcase status
(`"built-in" 'font-lock-builtin-face)
(`"available" 'default)
(`"avail-obso" 'font-lock-comment-face)
(`"new" 'bold)
(`"held" 'font-lock-constant-face)
(`"disabled" 'font-lock-warning-face)
......@@ -2637,7 +2655,7 @@ If optional arg BUTTON is non-nil, describe its associated package."
(defun package-menu-mark-install (&optional _num)
"Mark a package for installation and move to the next line."
(interactive "p")
(if (member (package-menu-get-status) '("available" "new" "dependency"))
(if (member (package-menu-get-status) '("available" "avail-obso" "new" "dependency"))
(tabulated-list-put-tag "I" t)
......@@ -2665,7 +2683,7 @@ If optional arg BUTTON is non-nil, describe its associated package."
(defvar package--quick-help-keys
'(("install," "delete," "unmark," ("execute" . 1))
("next," "previous")
("refresh-contents," "g-redisplay," "filter," "help")))
("refresh-contents," "g-redisplay," "filter," "(-toggle-obsolete" "help")))
(defun package--prettify-quick-help-key (desc)
"Prettify DESC to be displayed as a help menu."
......@@ -2879,8 +2897,11 @@ Optional argument NOQUERY non-nil means do not ask the user to confirm."
(package-menu--name-predicate A B))
((string= sA "new") t)
((string= sB "new") nil)
((string= sA "available") t)
((string= sB "available") nil)
((string-prefix-p "avail" sA)
(if (string-prefix-p "avail" sB)
(package-menu--name-predicate A B)
((string-prefix-p "avail" sB) nil)
((string= sA "installed") t)
((string= sB "installed") nil)
((string= sA "dependency") t)
......@@ -2950,6 +2971,7 @@ after `package-menu--perform-transaction'."
This includes refreshing archive contents as well as installing
:type 'boolean
:version "25.1"
:group 'package)
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