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List additional utilities required on MS-DOS to run lisp/Makefile.

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......@@ -773,6 +773,14 @@ the necessary utilities; search for "MS-DOS". The configuration step
(see below) will test for these utilities and will refuse to continue
if any of them isn't found.
Recompiling Lisp files in the `lisp' subdirectory using the various
targets in the lisp/Makefile file requires additional utilities:
`find' and `xargs' (from Findutils), `touch' (from Fileutils) GNU
`echo' and `test' (from Sh-utils), `tr, `sort', and `uniq' (from
Textutils), and a port of Bash. However, you should not normally need
to run lisp/Makefile, as all the Lisp files are distributed in
byte-compiled form as well.
If you are building the MSDOG version of Emacs on an MSDOG-like system
which supports long file names (e.g. Windows 95), you need to make
sure that long file names are handled consistently both when you
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