Commit c3efd659 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(date, entry, number): Move declarations to where they are needed.

parent c9218852
2008-03-10 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el (date, entry, number): Move declarations
to where they are needed.
* calendar/calendar.el (diary-file, hebrew-holidays-1)
(hebrew-holidays-2, hebrew-holidays-3, hebrew-holidays-4)
(calendar, calendar-basic-setup, calendar-mode-map, calendar-set-mark)
......@@ -37,11 +37,8 @@
;;; Code:
(defvar date)
(defvar displayed-month)
(defvar displayed-year)
(defvar entry)
(defvar number)
(defvar original-date)
(require 'calendar)
......@@ -509,6 +506,8 @@ nil if it is not visible in the current calendar window."
(declare-function add-to-diary-list "diary-lib"
(date string specifier &optional marker globcolor literal))
(defvar number) ; from diary-list-entries
(defun list-hebrew-diary-entries ()
"Add any Hebrew date entries from the diary file to `diary-entries-list'.
Hebrew date diary entries must be prefaced by `hebrew-diary-entry-symbol'
......@@ -912,6 +911,8 @@ from the cursor position."
(display-buffer yahrzeit-buffer)
(message "Computing Yahrzeits...done")))
(defvar date)
(defun diary-hebrew-date ()
"Hebrew calendar equivalent of date diary entry."
(format "Hebrew date (until sunset): %s" (calendar-hebrew-date-string date)))
......@@ -942,6 +943,8 @@ use when highlighting the day in the calendar."
(format " and %d day%s"
day (if (= day 1) "" "s"))))))))))
(defvar entry)
(defun diary-yahrzeit (death-month death-day death-year &optional mark)
"Yahrzeit diary entry--entry applies if date is Yahrzeit or the day before.
Parameters are DEATH-MONTH, DEATH-DAY, DEATH-YEAR; the diary entry is assumed
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