Commit c3f9cd46 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(list-colors-duplicates): w32-default-color-map is a function.

parent 973e7849
2009-04-18 Jason Rumney <>
* facemenu.el (list-colors-duplicates): w32-default-color-map is
a function (Bug#3044).
2009-04-18 ARISAWA Akihiro <>
* epa-file.el (epa-file-decode-and-insert): Use
......@@ -537,8 +537,8 @@ a list of colors that the current display can handle."
(l list))
(while (cdr l)
(if (and (facemenu-color-equal (car (car l)) (car (car (cdr l))))
(not (if (boundp 'w32-default-color-map)
(not (assoc (car (car l)) w32-default-color-map)))))
(not (if (fboundp 'w32-default-color-map)
(not (assoc (car (car l)) (w32-default-color-map))))))
(setcdr (car l) (cons (car (car (cdr l))) (cdr (car l))))
(setcdr l (cdr (cdr l))))
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