Commit c431c730 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calcFunc-write-out-power): Rename calcFunc-powerexpand.

(math-write-out-power): Rename math-powerexpand, have it handle
negative exponents.
(calc-writeoutpower): Rename calc-powerexpand.
parent d883348d
......@@ -92,30 +92,39 @@
(and n (list (prefix-numeric-value n)))))))
;;; Write out powers (a*b*...)^n as a*b*...*a*b*...
(defun calcFunc-writeoutpower (expr)
(math-normalize (math-map-tree 'math-write-out-power expr)))
(defun calcFunc-powerexpand (expr)
(math-normalize (math-map-tree 'math-powerexpand expr)))
(defun math-write-out-power (expr)
(defun math-powerexpand (expr)
(if (eq (car-safe expr) '^)
(let ((a (nth 1 expr))
(n (nth 2 expr))
(prod (nth 1 expr))
(i 1))
(if (and (integerp n)
(let ((n (nth 2 expr)))
(cond ((and (integerp n)
(> n 0))
(let ((i 1)
(a (nth 1 expr))
(prod (nth 1 expr)))
(while (< i n)
(setq prod (math-mul prod a))
(setq i (1+ i)))
((and (integerp n)
(< n 0))
(let ((i -1)
(a (math-pow (nth 1 expr) -1))
(prod (math-pow (nth 1 expr) -1)))
(while (> i n)
(setq prod (math-mul a prod))
(setq i (1- i)))
(defun calc-writeoutpower ()
(defun calc-powerexpand ()
(calc-enter-result 1 "expp"
(calcFunc-writeoutpower (calc-top-n 1)))))
(calc-enter-result 1 "pexp"
(calcFunc-powerexpand (calc-top-n 1)))))
(defun calc-collect (&optional var)
(interactive "sCollect terms involving: ")
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