Commit c45bb3b1 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(ucs-fragment-8859): Don't modify

char-coding-system-table elements destructively.  Use
parent 4f0992b3
......@@ -1232,9 +1232,9 @@ unification on input operations."
(if (and (>= key 128) val
(not (aref safe key)))
(aset char-coding-system-table key
(delq 'mule-utf-8
(delq 'mule-utf-16-le
(delq 'mule-utf-16-be
(remq 'mule-utf-8
(remq 'mule-utf-16-le
(remq 'mule-utf-16-be
(aref char-coding-system-table key)))))))
......@@ -1260,11 +1260,11 @@ unification on input operations."
(if (and (>= key 128) val)
(let ((codings (aref char-coding-system-table key)))
(aset char-coding-system-table key
(delq coding-system codings)))))
(remq coding-system codings)))))
(char-table-parent safe))
(set-char-table-parent safe nil))
(coding-system-put coding-system 'translation-table-for-encode nil)))
(optimize-char-table char-coding-system-table)
(remove-hook 'minibuffer-setup-hook 'ucs-minibuffer-setup)))
(defun ucs-insert (arg)
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