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Document some window code changes in NEWS.

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(Buffers and Windows): Rewrite. Explain a window's previous and
next buffers and the corresponding functions.
(Window Tree): Merge into Windows and Frames section.
* elisp.texi (Top): Update node listings for frames and windows
2011-09-23 Martin Rudalics <>
* NEWS: Document some window code changes.
2011-09-20 Bill Wohler <>
Release MH-E version 8.3.
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** Window changes
*** Window tree functions are accessible in Elisp.
Functions are provided to return the parent, siblings or child windows
of any window including internal windows (windows not associated with a
buffer) in the window tree.
*** Window manipulation can deal with internal windows.
Many window handling functions like `split-window', `delete-window', or
`delete-other-windows' as well as the window resizing functions can now
act on any window including internal ones.
*** window-total-height/-width vs window-body-height/-width.
The function `window-height' has been renamed to `window-total-height'
and `window-width' has been renamed to `window-body-width'. The old
names are provided as aliases. Two new functions `window-total-width'
and `window-body-height' are provided.
*** Window parameters specific to window handling functions.
For each window you can specify a parameter to override the default
behavior of a number of functions like `split-window', `delete-window'
and `delete-other-windows'.
*** New semantics of third argument of `split-window'.
The third argument of `split-window' has been renamed to SIDE and can be
set to any of the values 'below, 'right, 'above, or 'left to make the
new window appear on the corresponding side of the window that shall be
split. Any other value of SIDE will cause `split-window' to split the
window into two side-by-side windows as before.
*** New option `window-nest'.
The new option `window-nest' allows to return the space obtained for
resizing or creating a window more reliably to the window from which
such space was obtained.
*** New option `window-splits'.
The new option `window-splits' allows to split a window that otherwise
cannot be split because it's too small by stealing space from other
windows in the same combination.
*** `split-window-above-each-other' and `split-window-side-by-side'.
The commands `split-window-vertically' and `split-window-horizontally'
have been renamed to `split-window-above-each-other' and
`split-window-side-by-side' respectively. The old names are provided as
*** Window resizing functions.
A new standard function for resizing windows called `resize-window' has
been introduced. This and all other functions for resizing windows no
longer delete any windows when they become too small.
*** Frame/window resizing.
Resizing an Emacs frame now preserves the proportional sizes of
subwindows modulo restrictions imposed by window minimum sizes and
fixed-size windows.
*** `adjust-window-trailing-edge' adjustments.
`adjust-window-trailing-edge' can now deal with fixed-size windows and
is able to resize other windows if a window adjacent to the trailing
edge cannot be shrunk any more. This makes its behavior more similar to
that of Emacs 21 without compromising, however, its inability to delete
windows which was introduced in Emacs 22.
*** Commands for maximizing and minimizing windows.
New functions to maximize and minimize a window within its frame are
provided, namely `maximize-window' and `minimize-window'.
*** Window-local buffer lists.
Windows now have local buffer lists. This means that removing a buffer
from display in a window will preferably show the buffer previously
shown in that window with its previous window-start and window-point
positions. This also means that the same buffer may be automatically
shown twice even if it already appears in another window.
*** New commands `switch-to-prev-buffer' and `switch-to-next-buffer'.
These functions allow to navigate through the live buffers that have
been shown in a specific window.
*** `switch-to-buffer' has a new optional argument FORCE-SAME-WINDOW,
which if non-nil requires the buffer to be displayed in the currently
selected window, signaling an error otherwise. If nil, another window
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