Commit c49d071a authored by Jan D's avatar Jan D
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* window.c (Fwindow_absolute_pixel_edges): Doc fix.

parent e4f6153f
2010-07-01 Jan Djärv <>
* window.c (Fwindow_absolute_pixel_edges): Doc fix.
* window.c (calc_absolute_offset, Fwindow_absolute_pixel_edges)
(Fwindow_inside_absolute_pixel_edges): New functions (bug#5721).
......@@ -679,7 +679,7 @@ RIGHT is one more than the rightmost x position occupied by WINDOW.
BOTTOM is one more than the bottommost y position occupied by WINDOW.
The pixel edges include the space used by WINDOW's scroll bar, display
margins, fringes, header line, and/or mode line. For the pixel edges
of just the text area, use `window-inside-pixel-edges'. */)
of just the text area, use `window-inside-absolute-pixel-edges'. */)
Lisp_Object window;
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