Commit c4b20fc9 authored by Johan Bockgård's avatar Johan Bockgård
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pcase.el: Fix edebugging of backquoted cons patterns

* lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase-QPAT): Fix edebugging of backquoted
cons patterns. (Bug#21920)
parent 8ff888a0
......@@ -865,8 +865,10 @@ Otherwise, it defers to REST which is a list of branches of the form
;; Cf. edebug spec for `backquote-form' in edebug.el.
(&or ("," pcase-PAT)
(pcase-QPAT . pcase-QPAT)
(pcase-QPAT [&rest [&not ","] pcase-QPAT]
. [&or nil pcase-QPAT])
(vector &rest pcase-QPAT)
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