Commit c4ea7c96 authored by Kan-Ru Chen's avatar Kan-Ru Chen Committed by Martin Rudalics
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Fix fit-window-to-buffer doc-string.

parent ab10393e
2014-09-12 Kan-Ru Chen <>
* window.el (fit-window-to-buffer): Doc fix.
2014-09-10 Ivan Shmakov <> (tiny change)
* desktop.el (desktop-create-buffer): Check that buffers are still live
......@@ -7173,7 +7173,7 @@ and header line and a bottom divider, if any.
If WINDOW is part of a horizontal combination and the value of
the option `fit-window-to-buffer-horizontally' is non-nil, adjust
WINDOW's height. The new width of WINDOW is calculated from the
WINDOW's width. The new width of WINDOW is calculated from the
maximum length of its buffer's lines that follow the current
start position of WINDOW. The optional argument MAX-WIDTH
specifies a maximum width and defaults to the width of WINDOW's
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