Commit c4f57b91 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(ange-ftp-parse-netrc): Bind `default-directory' to

"/" to avoid infinite loop while expanding filename.
(ange-ftp-message): Don't truncate message in batch mode.
parent bcccd65d
......@@ -926,9 +926,12 @@ SIZE, if supplied, should be a prime number."
Args are as in `message': a format string, plus arguments to be formatted."
(let ((msg (apply (function format) fmt args))
(max (window-width (minibuffer-window))))
(if (>= (length msg) max)
(setq msg (concat "> " (substring msg (- 3 max)))))
(message "%s" msg)))
(if noninteractive
(if (>= (length msg) max)
;; Take just the last MAX - 3 chars of the string.
(setq msg (concat "> " (substring msg (- 3 max)))))
(message "%s" msg))))
(defun ange-ftp-abbreviate-filename (file &optional new)
"Abbreviate the file name FILE relative to the default-directory.
......@@ -1195,9 +1198,11 @@ Optional DEFAULT is password to start with."
;; We set this before actually doing it to avoid the possibility
;; of an infinite loop if ange-ftp-netrc-filename is an FTP file.
(let* ((file (ange-ftp-chase-symlinks
(ange-ftp-real-expand-file-name ange-ftp-netrc-filename)))
(attr (ange-ftp-real-file-attributes file)))
(let (file attr)
(let ((default-directory "/"))
(setq file (ange-ftp-chase-symlinks
(ange-ftp-real-expand-file-name ange-ftp-netrc-filename)))
(setq attr (ange-ftp-real-file-attributes file)))
(if (and attr ; file exists.
(not (equal (nth 5 attr) ange-ftp-netrc-modtime))) ; file changed
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