Commit c4ff0323 authored by Fred Pierresteguy's avatar Fred Pierresteguy
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(Fx_create_frame): Call initialize_frame_menubar.

parent a15849cb
......@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ XtAppContext Xt_app_con;
application. */
Widget Xt_app_shell;
extern void free_frame_menubar ();
extern void free_frame_menubar ();
#endif /* USE_X_TOOLKIT */
......@@ -2135,6 +2136,9 @@ be shared by the new frame.")
or making it visible won't work. */
Vframe_list = Fcons (frame, Vframe_list);
/* Compute the size of the menubar and display it. */
initialize_frame_menubar (f);
/* Make the window appear on the frame and enable display,
unless the caller says not to. */
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