Commit c5074806 authored by Xue Fuqiao's avatar Xue Fuqiao
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Minor improving in indexing of buffer position.

* doc/lispref/positions.texi (Positions): Improve indexing.
parent e2c90473
2013-08-18 Xue Fuqiao <>
* positions.texi (Positions): Improve indexing.
2013-08-18 Eli Zaretskii <>
* markers.texi (The Region): Improve indexing.
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
@node Positions
@chapter Positions
@cindex position (in buffer)
@cindex buffer position
A @dfn{position} is the index of a character in the text of a buffer.
More precisely, a position identifies the place between two characters
......@@ -4028,6 +4028,7 @@ A rectangle is represented by a list of strings.
This represents a window configuration to restore in one frame, and a
position to jump to in the current buffer.
@c FIXME: Mention frameset here.
@item @code{(@var{frame-configuration} @var{position})}
This represents a frame configuration to restore, and a position
to jump to in the current buffer.
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