Commit c554da1f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

Don't use `+' in regexps as different stream

editors interpret them differently.  Use `*' instead.
parent 54059149
......@@ -11,14 +11,14 @@ s!^ \./temacs! go32 temacs!
/^MAKE *=/s/^/# /
/^SHELL *=/s/^/# /
/^srcdir *=/s/@[^@\n]+@/./
/^VPATH *=/s/@[^@\n]+@/./
/^CC *=/s/@[^@\n]+@/gcc/
/^CPP *=/s/@[^@\n]+@/gcc -e/
/^CFLAGS *=/s/@[^@\n]+@/-O2 -g/
/^LN_S *=/s/@[^@\n]+@/ln -s/
/^M_FILE *=/s!@[^@\n]+@!m/dos386.h!
/^S_FILE *=/s!@[^@\n]+@!s/msdos.h!
/^srcdir *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/./
/^VPATH *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/./
/^CC *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/gcc/
/^CPP *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/gcc -e/
/^CFLAGS *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/-O2 -g/
/^LN_S *=/s/@[^@\n]*@/ln -s/
/^M_FILE *=/s!@[^@\n]*@!m/dos386.h!
/^S_FILE *=/s!@[^@\n]*@!s/msdos.h!
/^.\${libsrc}make-docfile/s!make-docfile!make-docfile -o ../etc/DOC!
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