Commit c577a4d2 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(ido-is-tramp-root): Simplify regexp matching tramp root.

(ido-set-current-directory): Don't add / after final @.
(ido-file-name-all-completions-1): Adapt to fixed tramp completion.
Explicitly handle ange-ftp completion oddities.
(ido-make-file-list): Don't rotate list at tramp root to avoid
triggering tramp file handler for expand-file-name via get-file-buffer.
parent e50165ec
......@@ -1084,9 +1084,9 @@ it doesn't interfere with other minibuffer usage.")
(setq truncate-lines t)))))
(defun ido-is-tramp-root (&optional dir)
(setq dir (or dir ido-current-directory))
(and ido-enable-tramp-completion
(string-match "\\`/[^/][^/]+:\\([^/:@]+@\\)?\\'" dir)))
(string-match "\\`/[^/]+[@:]\\'"
(or dir ido-current-directory))))
(defun ido-is-root-directory (&optional dir)
(setq dir (or dir ido-current-directory))
......@@ -1507,11 +1507,16 @@ With ARG, turn ido speed-up on if arg is positive, off otherwise."
(defun ido-set-current-directory (dir &optional subdir no-merge)
;; Set ido's current directory to DIR or DIR/SUBDIR
(setq dir (ido-final-slash dir t))
(unless (and ido-enable-tramp-completion
(string-match "\\`/[^/]*@\\'" dir))
(setq dir (ido-final-slash dir t)))
(setq ido-use-merged-list nil
ido-try-merged-list (not no-merge))
(if subdir
(setq dir (ido-final-slash (concat dir subdir) t)))
(when subdir
(setq dir (concat dir subdir))
(unless (and ido-enable-tramp-completion
(string-match "\\`/[^/]*@\\'" dir))
(setq dir (ido-final-slash dir t))))
(if (equal dir ido-current-directory)
(ido-trace "cd" dir)
......@@ -3102,27 +3107,29 @@ for first matching file."
((ido-nonreadable-directory-p dir) '())
;; do not check (ido-directory-too-big-p dir) here.
;; Caller must have done that if necessary.
((and ido-enable-tramp-completion
(string-match "\\`/\\([^/:]+:\\([^/:@]+@\\)?\\)\\'" dir))
;; Trick tramp's file-name-all-completions handler to DTRT, as it
;; has some pretty obscure requirements. This seems to work...
;; /ftp: => (f-n-a-c "/ftp:" "")
;; /ftp:kfs: => (f-n-a-c "" "/ftp:kfs:")
;; /ftp:kfs@ => (f-n-a-c "ftp:kfs@" "/")
;; /ftp:kfs@kfs: => (f-n-a-c "" "/ftp:kfs@kfs:")
;; Currently no attempt is made to handle multi: stuff.
(let* ((prefix (match-string 1 dir))
(user-flag (match-beginning 2))
(len (and prefix (length prefix)))
(if user-flag
(setq dir (substring dir 1)))
(require 'tramp nil t)
(ido-trace "tramp complete" dir)
(setq compl (file-name-all-completions dir (if user-flag "/" "")))
(if (> len 0)
(or (fboundp 'tramp-completion-mode)
(require 'tramp nil t))
(string-match "\\`/[^/]+[:@]\\'" dir))
;; Strip method:user@host: part of tramp completions.
;; Tramp completions do not include leading slash.
(let ((len (1- (length dir)))
(or (file-name-all-completions "" dir)
;; work around bug in ange-ftp.
;; /ftp:user@host: => nil
;; /ftp:user@host:./ => ok
(not (string= "/ftp:" dir))
(tramp-tramp-file-p dir)
(fboundp 'tramp-ftp-file-name-p)
(funcall 'tramp-ftp-file-name-p dir)
(string-match ":\\'" dir)
(file-name-all-completions "" (concat dir "./"))))))
(if (and compl
(> (length (car compl)) len)
(string= (substring (car compl) 0 len) (substring dir 1)))
(mapcar (lambda (c) (substring c len)) compl)
......@@ -3193,13 +3200,14 @@ for first matching file."
(if ido-file-extensions-order
(let ((default-directory ido-current-directory))
(ido-to-end ;; move ftp hosts and visited files to end
(delq nil (mapcar
(lambda (x) (if (or (string-match "..:\\'" x)
(and (not (ido-final-slash x))
(get-file-buffer x))) x))
(unless (ido-is-tramp-root ido-current-directory)
(let ((default-directory ido-current-directory))
(ido-to-end ;; move ftp hosts and visited files to end
(delq nil (mapcar
(lambda (x) (if (or (string-match "..:\\'" x)
(and (not (ido-final-slash x))
(get-file-buffer x))) x))
(ido-to-end ;; move . files to end
(delq nil (mapcar
(lambda (x) (if (string-equal (substring x 0 1) ".") x))
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