Commit c5845508 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(c-macro-expand): Use expanded name to write or delete.

Send two eofs.
parent df3bb2ab
......@@ -41,8 +41,10 @@ and macros to predefine."
(interactive "r")
(let ((outbuf (get-buffer-create "*Macroexpansion*"))
(tempfile "%%macroexpand%%")
(setq expanded (expand-file-name tempfile))
(set-buffer outbuf)
......@@ -63,19 +65,21 @@ and macros to predefine."
;; Skip the last line of the macro definition we found.
(forward-line 1)
(setq last-needed (point)))))
(write-region (point-min) last-needed tempfile nil 'nomsg)
(write-region (point-min) last-needed expanded nil 'nomsg)
;; Output comment ender in case last #-directive is inside a comment.
;; Also, terminate any string that we are in.
(write-region "*//*\"*/\n" nil tempfile t 'nomsg)
(write-region beg end (concat tempfile "x") nil 'nomsg)
(write-region "*//*\"*/\n" nil expanded t 'nomsg)
(write-region beg end (concat expanded "x") nil 'nomsg)
(process-send-string process (concat "#include \"" tempfile "\"\n"))
(process-send-string process "\n")
(process-send-string process (concat "#include \"" tempfile "x\"\n"))
(process-send-eof process)
;; HPUX seems to want two eofs.
(process-send-eof process))
(while (eq (process-status process) 'run)
(delete-file tempfile)
(delete-file (concat tempfile "x"))
(delete-file expanded)
(delete-file (concat expanded "x"))
(display-buffer outbuf)
(set-buffer outbuf)
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