Commit c58a1a0c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fx_open_connection) [NO_XRM_SET_DATABASE]:

Don't call XrmsSetDatabase.
parent 28d72e6d
......@@ -3447,7 +3447,7 @@ arg XRM_STRING is a string of resources in xrdb format.")
xrm_option = (unsigned char *) 0;
xrdb = x_load_resources (x_current_display, xrm_option, EMACS_CLASS);
#ifdef HAVE_X11R5
#if defined (HAVE_X11R5) && ! defined (NO_XRM_SET_DATBASE)
XrmSetDatabase (x_current_display, xrdb);
x_current_display->db = xrdb;
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