Commit c5a345cb authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(tabbar--local-hlf): Silence compiler.

parent d3ace93b
2009-01-08 Glenn Morris <>
* erc.el (tabbar--local-hlf): Silence compiler.
2009-01-03 Michael Olson <>
* erc.el (erc-user-input): Do not include text properties when
......@@ -6051,6 +6051,8 @@ if `erc-away' is non-nil."
;; erc-goodies is required at end of this file.
(declare-function erc-controls-strip "erc-goodies" (str))
(defvar tabbar--local-hlf)
(defun erc-update-mode-line-buffer (buffer)
"Update the mode line in a single ERC buffer BUFFER."
(with-current-buffer buffer
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