Commit c60b302c authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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*** empty log message ***

parent 35d9c1cc
2004-07-18 Luc Teirlinck <>
* dired-aux.el (dired-do-kill-lines): Expand docstring.
Delete irrelevant code.
2004-07-17 Kai Grossjohann <>
* net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-verify-visited-file-modtime): New
2004-07-18 Luc Teirlinck <>
* dired.texi (Dired Updating): `k' only deletes inserted
subdirectories from the Dired buffer if a prefix argument was given.
* search.texi (Regexps): Delete redundant definition of `symbol' in
description of `\_>'. It already occurs in the description of `\_<'.
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