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Explain load-path and dumping.

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......@@ -172,6 +172,18 @@ the current directory, Emacs 18 temporarily adds the current directory
to the front of @code{load-path} so the file can be found there. Newer
Emacs versions also find such files in the current directory, but
without altering @code{load-path}.
Dumping Emacs uses a special value of @code{load-path}. If the value of
@code{load-path} at the end of dumping is unchanged (that is, still the
same special value), the dumped Emacs switches to the ordinary
@code{load-path} value when it starts up, as decribed above. But if
@code{load-path} has any other value at the end of dumping, that value
is used for execution of the dumped Emacs also.
Therefore, if you want to change @code{load-path} temporarily for
loading a few libraries in @file{site-init.el} or @file{site-load.el},
you should bind @code{load-path} locally with @code{let} around the
calls to @code{load}.
@end defopt
@defvar load-in-progress
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