Commit c6487170 authored by kwhite's avatar kwhite

Update ERC docs and update MAINTANERS to include myself

parent d825f66d
2015-02-04 Kelvin White <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to section 2
2015-02-02 Glenn Morris <>
* admin.el (manual-meta-string): Use bug-gnu-emacs@gnu email address
......@@ -78,6 +78,11 @@ Bastien Guerry
Kelvin White
Eli Zaretskii
2015-02-04 Kelvin White <>
* erc.texi (Advanced Usage, Options): Add descriptions and examples
for erc-format-nick-function and erc-rename-buffers options.
2014-12-29 Michael Albinus <>
Sync with Tramp 2.2.11.
......@@ -588,6 +588,16 @@ In the latter case, if the first nick in the list is already in use,
other nicks are tried in the list order.
@end defopt
@defopt erc-format-nick-function
A function to format a nickname for message display
You can set this to @code{erc-format-@OA@nick} to display user mode prefix
@end defopt
(setq erc-format-nick-function 'erc-format-@@nick)
@end example
@defopt erc-nick-uniquifier
The string to append to the nick if it is already in use.
@end defopt
......@@ -657,13 +667,6 @@ your Emacs configuration file. Everything after the @code{(require
;;; Sample ERC configuration
;; Add the ERC directory to load path -- you don't need this if you are
;; using the version of ERC that comes with Emacs
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp/erc")
;; Load ERC
(require 'erc)
;; Load authentication info from an external source. Put sensitive
;; passwords and the like in here.
(load "~/.emacs.d/.erc-auth")
......@@ -712,6 +715,12 @@ stuff, to the current ERC buffer."
;; Join the #emacs and #erc channels whenever connecting to Freenode.
(setq erc-autojoin-channels-alist '(("" "#emacs" "#erc")))
;; Rename server buffers to reflect the current network name instead
;; of SERVER:PORT. (e.g. "freenode" instead of ""). This
;; is useful when using a bouncer like ZNC where you have multiple
;; connections to the same server.
(setq erc-rename-buffers t)
;; Interpret mIRC-style color commands in IRC chats
(setq erc-interpret-mirc-color t)
......@@ -750,6 +759,14 @@ lurkers. The function @code{erc-lurker-p} determines whether a given
nickname is considered a lurker.
@end defopt
@defopt erc-rename-buffers
If non, @code{nil}, this will rename server buffers to reflect the
current network name instead of IP:PORT
(setq erc-rename-buffers t)
@end example
@end defopt
@node Getting Help and Reporting Bugs
@chapter Getting Help and Reporting Bugs
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