Commit c6932ecd authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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(select_frame_norecord): New function.

(run_window_configuration_change_hook): Use it and call
Fselect_frame with NORECORD set.
(Fselect_window): Pass NORECORD to Fselect_frame.
(Fset_window_configuration): Handle NORECORD argument in call of
parent 9e61f0d7
......@@ -3353,6 +3353,7 @@ run_funs (Lisp_Object funs)
static Lisp_Object select_window_norecord (Lisp_Object window);
static Lisp_Object select_frame_norecord (Lisp_Object frame);
run_window_configuration_change_hook (struct frame *f)
......@@ -3367,8 +3368,8 @@ run_window_configuration_change_hook (struct frame *f)
if (SELECTED_FRAME () != f)
record_unwind_protect (Fselect_frame, Fselected_frame ());
Fselect_frame (frame);
record_unwind_protect (select_frame_norecord, Fselected_frame ());
Fselect_frame (frame, Qt);
/* Use the right buffer. Matters when running the local hooks. */
......@@ -3561,7 +3562,8 @@ DEFUN ("select-window", Fselect_window, Sselect_window, 1, 2, 0,
If WINDOW is not already selected, make WINDOW's buffer current
and make WINDOW the frame's selected window. Return WINDOW.
Optional second arg NORECORD non-nil means do not put this buffer
at the front of the list of recently selected ones.
at the front of the list of recently selected ones and do not
make this window the most recently selected one.
Note that the main editor command loop selects the buffer of the
selected window before each command. */)
......@@ -3594,7 +3596,7 @@ selected window before each command. */)
so that FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME is moved appropriately as we
move around in the state where a minibuffer in a separate
frame is active. */
Fselect_frame (WINDOW_FRAME (w));
Fselect_frame (WINDOW_FRAME (w), norecord);
/* Fselect_frame called us back so we've done all the work already. */
eassert (EQ (window, selected_window));
return window;
......@@ -3648,6 +3650,14 @@ select_window_norecord (window)
return WINDOW_LIVE_P (window)
? Fselect_window (window, Qt) : selected_window;
static Lisp_Object
select_frame_norecord (frame)
Lisp_Object frame;
return FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (frame))
? Fselect_frame (frame, Qt) : selected_frame;
display_buffer (buffer, not_this_window_p, override_frame)
......@@ -6207,7 +6217,7 @@ the return value is nil. Otherwise the value is t. */)
when the frame's old selected window has been deleted. */
if (f != selected_frame && FRAME_WINDOW_P (f))
do_switch_frame (WINDOW_FRAME (XWINDOW (data->root_window)),
0, 0);
0, 0, Qnil);
/* Set the screen height to the value it had before this function. */
......@@ -6250,7 +6260,7 @@ the return value is nil. Otherwise the value is t. */)
Fselect_window above totally superfluous; it still sets f's
selected window. */
if (FRAME_LIVE_P (XFRAME (data->selected_frame)))
do_switch_frame (data->selected_frame, 0, 0);
do_switch_frame (data->selected_frame, 0, 0, Qnil);
run_window_configuration_change_hook (f);
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