Commit c6a3c83c authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(UPCASE_TABLE): Definition deleted.

(DOWNCASE_TABLE): Case tables are now char-tables.
(Vascii_upcase_table, Vascii_canon_table, Vascii_eqv_table):
Declarations deleted.
parent 1e9b6335
......@@ -1227,42 +1227,39 @@ extern char *stack_bottom;
/* 1 if CH is upper case. */
#define UPPERCASEP(CH) \
(XSTRING (current_buffer->downcase_table)->data[CH] != (CH))
(XCHAR_TABLE (current_buffer->downcase_table)->contents[CH] != (CH))
/* 1 if CH is lower case. */
#define LOWERCASEP(CH) \
&& XSTRING (current_buffer->upcase_table)->data[CH] != (CH))
&& XCHAR_TABLE (current_buffer->upcase_table)->contents[CH] != (CH))
/* 1 if CH is neither upper nor lower case. */
#define NOCASEP(CH) (XSTRING (current_buffer->upcase_table)->data[CH] == (CH))
#define NOCASEP(CH) \
(XCHAR_TABLE (current_buffer->upcase_table)->contents[CH] == (CH))
/* Upcase a character, or make no change if that cannot be done. */
#define UPCASE(CH) \
(XSTRING (current_buffer->downcase_table)->data[CH] == (CH) \
(XCHAR_TABLE (current_buffer->downcase_table)->contents[CH] == (CH) \
? UPCASE1 (CH) : (CH))
/* Upcase a character known to be not upper case. */
#define UPCASE1(CH) (XSTRING (current_buffer->upcase_table)->data[CH])
#define UPCASE1(CH) (XCHAR_TABLE (current_buffer->upcase_table)->contents[CH])
/* Downcase a character, or make no change if that cannot be done. */
#define DOWNCASE(CH) (XSTRING (current_buffer->downcase_table)->data[CH])
#define DOWNCASE(CH) \
(XCHAR_TABLE (current_buffer->downcase_table)->contents[CH])
/* Current buffer's map from characters to lower-case characters. */
#define DOWNCASE_TABLE XSTRING (current_buffer->downcase_table)->data
#define DOWNCASE_TABLE XCHAR_TABLE (current_buffer->downcase_table)->contents
/* Table mapping each char to the next char with the same lowercase version.
This mapping is a no-op only for characters that don't have case. */
#define UPCASE_TABLE XSTRING (current_buffer->upcase_table)->data
extern Lisp_Object Vascii_downcase_table, Vascii_upcase_table;
extern Lisp_Object Vascii_canon_table, Vascii_eqv_table;
extern Lisp_Object Vascii_downcase_table;
/* Number of bytes of structure consed since last GC. */
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