Commit c6cc04e9 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Set up autoloads for files `makeinfo' and `texnfo-upd'.

(texinfo-delete-from-print-queue-command): New var.
(texinfo-tex-trailer): New var.
(texinfo-tex-region): Use that.
(texinfo-tex-buffer): Rewritten; use the actual source file.
Binding is now C-c C-t C-b.
(texinfo-texindex): Turned back on.
(texinfo-quit-job): New command, with binding.
(texinfo-delete-from-print-queue): Likewise.
(texinfo-show-structure): Indent each line according to depth.
Require texnfo-upd.
(texinfo-section-types-regexp): Var deleted.
(texinfo-insert-@-with-arg): New function.
(texinfo-insert-@var, etc.): Use that.
(texinfo-insert-@end): New command, now on C-c C-c e.
(texinfo-insert-@end-example): Deleted.
(texinfo-insert-@table): New command, on C-c C-c t.
(texinfo-start-menu-description): New command, on C-c C-c C-d.
(texinfo-mode): No longer set tex-trailer.
Make the @node for the top node start a page.
Use shorter values for tex-end-of-header and tex-start-of-header.
(texinfo-mode-map): Add bindings for makeinfo-buffer, etc.
Delete bindings for texinfo-format-buffer/region.
(texinfo-define-common-keys): New function.
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