Commit c6e89d6c authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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Call change_frame_size and do_pending_window_change with

new parameter.
Remove conditional compilation on
(get_next_display_element): Display \r as ^M.
(minibuffer_scroll_overlap): Removed because not used
(unwind_redisplay): Return nil.
(clear_garbaged_frames): New.
(redisplay_internal): Use it.
(echo_area_display): Ditto.
(resize_mini_window): Mew.
(display_echo_area_1): Use it to resize echo area window.
(redisplay_internal): Use it to resize active mini-window.
(echo_area_glyphs, echo_area_message,
echo_area_glyphs_length, previous_echo_glyphs,
previous_echo_area_message, previous_echo_area_glyphs_length):
(Vmessage_stack, echo_area_buffer, echo_buffer,
display_last_displayed_message_p, Vwith_echo_area_save_vector): New.
(message2_nolog): Use set_message and clear_message.
(message3): Rename parameter len to nbytes to make clear what
it is.
(message3_nolog): Ditto.  Use set_message and clear_message.
(update_echo_area): Rewritten.
(with_echo_area_buffer): New.
(with_echo_area_buffer_unwind_data, unwind_with_area_buffer): New.
(setup_echo_area_for_printing): New.
(display_echo_area, display_echo_area_1): New.
(current_message, current_message_1): New.
(push_message, restore_message, pop_message,
check_message_stack): New.
(truncate_echo_area): Rewritten.
(truncate_message_1): New.
(set_message, set_message_1, clear_message): New.
(echo_area_display): Rewritten.
(redisplay_internal): Check for needed echo area update
(redisplay_preserve_echo_area): Rewritten.
(redisplay_window): Check for mini-window displaying echo area
message differently.
(syms_of_xdisp): Initialize Vmessage_stack and echo area buffers.
Remove initialzation of removed variables.
(init_xdisp): Remove references to removed variables.
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