Commit c6ef3c83 authored by Gemini Lasswell's avatar Gemini Lasswell

Make cl-print respect print-quoted (bug#31649)

* lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-print.el (cl-print-object) <cons>: Observe
print-quoted when printing quote and its relatives.  Add printing of
'function' as #'.
parent 26b52ac4
......@@ -61,11 +61,16 @@ call other entry points instead, such as `cl-prin1'."
(princ "..." stream)
(let ((car (pop object))
(count 1))
(if (and (memq car '(\, quote \` \,@ \,.))
(if (and print-quoted
(memq car '(\, quote function \` \,@ \,.))
(consp object)
(null (cdr object)))
(princ (if (eq car 'quote) '\' car) stream)
(princ (cond
((eq car 'quote) '\')
((eq car 'function) "#'")
(t car))
(cl-print-object (car object) stream))
(princ "(" stream)
(cl-print-object car stream)
......@@ -72,6 +72,16 @@
(should (equal "#s(cl-print-tests-struct :a (a (b (c ...))) :b nil :c nil :d nil :e nil)"
(cl-prin1-to-string deep-struct)))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-tests-5 ()
"CL printing observes `print-quoted'."
(let ((quoted-stuff '('a #'b `(,c ,@d))))
(let ((print-quoted t))
(should (equal "('a #'b `(,c ,@d))"
(cl-prin1-to-string quoted-stuff))))
(let ((print-quoted nil))
(should (equal "((quote a) (function b) (\\` ((\\, c) (\\,@ d))))"
(cl-prin1-to-string quoted-stuff))))))
(ert-deftest cl-print-circle ()
(let ((x '(#1=(a . #1#) #1#)))
(let ((print-circle nil))
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