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* (exec_prefix): New variable.

	(bindir, libdir): Use it instead of `prefix'.

	* (CFLAGS): #define HAVE_CONFIG_H, too.

	* (libdir): Default to ${prefix}/lib.
	(archlibdir): Adjusted to match.

	* (distclean): Don't delete backup or autosave files.
	(extraclean): Like realclean, but does delete backup and autosave

	* (realclean): Ignore errors from rm.

	* (distclean): Don't bother to delete ../arch-lib;
	that doesn't exist anymore.

	* (prefix, bindir, libdir, srcdir): New variables, as
	described in the top-level Makefile.
	(UTILITIES): Add make-path to the list of utility programs.
	(../arch-lib): Replaced by the ${archlibdir} target, which places
	the executables in their permanent home.
	(install, install.sysv, install.xenix): Consolidated into one
	target which should work under all circumstances, modulo a few
	ignored error messages.
parent 315e49ed
......@@ -12,16 +12,68 @@
# inherited from the environment.
SHELL = /bin/sh
# ==================== Things `configure' might edit ====================
# ==================== Where To Install Things ====================
# The default location for installation. Everything is placed in
# subdirectories of this directory. The default values for many of
# the variables below are expressed in terms of this one, so you may
# not need to change them.
# Like `prefix', but used for architecture-specific files.
# Where to install Emacs and other binaries that people will want to
# run directly (like etags).
# Where to install and expect executable files to be run by Emacs
# rather than directly by users, and other architecture-dependent
# data. ${archlibdir} is usually below this.
# Where to find the source code - setting this to anything but
# . doesn't work yet. The source code for Emacs's C kernel is
# expected to be in ${srcdir}/src, and the source code for Emacs's
# utility programs is expected to be in ${srcdir}/lib-src. This is
# set by the configure script's `--srcdir' option.
# ==================== Emacs-specific directories ====================
# These variables hold the values Emacs will actually use. They are
# based on the values of the standard Make variables above.
# Where to put executables to be run by Emacs rather than the user.
# This path usually includes the Emacs version and configuration name,
# so that multiple configurations for multiple versions of Emacs may
# be installed at once.
# ==================== Utility Programs for the Build ====================
# Allow the user to specify the install program.
INSTALL = install
# ============================= Targets ==============================
# Things that a user might actually run, which should be installed in bindir.
INSTALLABLES = etags ctags emacsclient b2m
# Things that Emacs runs internally, or during the build process,
# which should not be installed in bindir.
UTILITIES= test-distrib wakeup make-docfile digest-doc sorted-doc \
UTILITIES= test-distrib make-path wakeup make-docfile digest-doc sorted-doc \
movemail cvtmail fakemail yow env emacsserver hexl timer
# Like UTILITIES, but they're not system-dependent, and should not be
......@@ -30,80 +82,63 @@ SCRIPTS= rcs2log vcdiff
# These things are edited by ../configure; don't change anything before
# or including the '='; everything after that gets blown away.
CFLAGS=${CONFIG_CFLAGS} -Demacs -I../src
all: ../arch-lib
# We use rm -f so that rm won't try to ask questions during the build.
../arch-lib: ${EXECUTABLES}
for file in ${EXECUTABLES} ; do \
if [ -f $${file} ]; then \
if [ -f ../arch-lib/$${file} ]; then \
rm -f ../arch-lib/$${file} ; \
fi ; \
ln $${file} ../arch-lib ; \
fi ; \
### We need to #define emacs to get the right versions of some files.
### Some other files - those shared with other GNU utilities - need
### HAVE_CONFIG_H #defined before they know they can take advantage of
### the information in ../src/config.h.
### Install the internal utilities. Until they are installed, we can
### just run them directly from lib-src.
${archlibdir}: all
@echo "Installing utilities run internally by Emacs."
./make-path ${archlibdir}
if [ `(cd ${archlibdir};/bin/pwd)` != `/bin/pwd` ]; then \
for file in ${EXECUTABLES} ; do \
cp $${file} ${archlibdir} ; \
chmod 755 ${archlibdir}/$${file} ; \
done ; \
@echo "Changing the owner and group of Emacs's utility programs to \`bin'."
@echo "(You may ignore errors here if you don't care about this.)"
-for file in ${EXECUTABLES} ; do \
chgrp bin ${archlibdir}/$${file} ; \
chown bin ${archlibdir}/$${file} ; \
# We don't need to install `wakeup' explicitly, because it will be copied when
# this whole directory is copied.
install: all
${INSTALL} ${INSTALLFLAGS} -c emacsclient ${BINDIR}/emacsclient
${INSTALL} ${INSTALLFLAGS} -c etags ${BINDIR}/etags
${INSTALL} ${INSTALLFLAGS} -c ctags ${BINDIR}/ctags
${INSTALL} ${INSTALLFLAGS} -c -m 444 emacs.1 ${MANDIR}/emacs.${MANEXT}
install.sysv: all
-cp emacsclient ${BINDIR}/
-chmod 755 ${BINDIR}/
-chgrp bin ${BINDIR}/
-chown bin ${BINDIR}/
-mv ${BINDIR}/ ${BINDIR}/emacsclient
-cp etags ${BINDIR}/
-chmod 755 ${BINDIR}/
-chgrp bin ${BINDIR}/
-chown bin ${BINDIR}/
-mv ${BINDIR}/ ${BINDIR}/etags
-cp ctags ${BINDIR}/
-chmod 755 ${BINDIR}/
-chgrp bin ${BINDIR}/
-chown bin ${BINDIR}/
-mv ${BINDIR}/ ${BINDIR}/ctags
-cp b2m ${BINDIR}/
-chmod 755 ${BINDIR}/
-chgrp bin ${BINDIR}/
-chown bin ${BINDIR}/
-mv ${BINDIR}/ ${BINDIR}/b2m
-cp emacs.1 ${MANDIR}/emacs.${MANEXT}.new
-chmod 444 ${MANDIR}/emacs.${MANEXT}.new
-mv ${MANDIR}/emacs.${MANEXT}.new ${MANDIR}/emacs.${MANEXT}
cp etags ctags emacsclient ${BINDIR}
chmod 755 ${BINDIR}/etags ${BINDIR}/ctags
chmod 755 ${BINDIR}/emacsclient
cp b2m ${BINDIR}
chmod 755 ${BINDIR}/b2m
cp emacs.1 ${MANDIR}/emacs.${MANEXT}
chmod 444 ${MANDIR}/emacs.${MANEXT}
install: ${archlibdir}
@echo "Installing utilities for users to run."
for file in emacsclient etags ctags b2m ; do \
cp $${file} ${bindir}/$${file}.new ; \
chmod 755 ${bindir}/$${file}.new ; \
@echo "Changing the owner and group of utility programs to \`bin'."
@echo "(You may ignore errors here if you don't care about this.)"
-for file in emacsclient etags ctags b2m ; do \
chgrp bin ${bindir}/$${file}.new ; \
chown bin ${bindir}/$${file}.new ; \
mv ${bindir}/$${file}.new ${bindir}/$${file} ; \
clean mostlyclean:
-rm -f ${INSTALLABLES} ${UTILITIES} core *.o
-rm -f ${INSTALLABLES} ${UTILITIES} *~ \#* ../etc/DOC* core *.o
cd ../arch-lib; rm -f ${EXECUTABLES}
-rm -f ${INSTALLABLES} ${UTILITIES} ../etc/DOC* core *.o
realclean: distclean
rm TAGS aixcc.c
-rm TAGS aixcc.c
extraclean: realclean
-rm -f *~ \#*
# Test the contents of the directory.
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