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* etc/NEWS: Document Sami input methods. (Bug#34866)

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......@@ -236,6 +236,13 @@ regular expression was previously invalid, but is now accepted:
** New input methods 'hawaiian-postfix' and 'hawaiian-prefix'.
** New input methods for several variants of the Sami language.
The Sami input methods include: 'norwegian-sami-prefix',
'bergsland-hasselbrink-sami-prefix', 'southern-sami-prefix',
'ume-sami-prefix', 'northern-sami-prefix', 'inari-sami-prefix',
'skolt-sami-prefix', and 'kildin-sami-prefix'.
** In Japanese environments that do not specify encodings and are not
based on MS-Windows, the default encoding is now utf-8 instead of
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