Commit c733d916 authored by Allen Li's avatar Allen Li Committed by Noam Postavsky
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Stop abbrev-prefix-mark from adding extra newline (Bug#25767)

`abbrev--before-point' does not adjust `pos' to account for when it
deletes the "-" left by abbrev-prefix-mark.  Therefore, when
`abbrev-before-point' goes to restore point, it moves point one
character too far forward.

* lisp/abbrev.el (abbrev--before-point): Adjust pos when deleting "-".
parent 6a9ba271
......@@ -720,9 +720,10 @@ then ABBREV is looked up in that table only."
(setq start abbrev-start-location)
(setq abbrev-start-location nil)
;; Remove the hyphen inserted by `abbrev-prefix-mark'.
(if (and (< start (point-max))
(eq (char-after start) ?-))
(delete-region start (1+ start)))
(when (and (< start (point-max))
(eq (char-after start) ?-))
(delete-region start (1+ start))
(setq pos (1- pos)))
(skip-syntax-backward " ")
(setq end (point))
(when (> end start)
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