Commit c73abf54 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney
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(add_font_entity_to_list): Fix check for substituted

raster fonts. (Bug#2219)
parent e26019a5
......@@ -1433,8 +1433,8 @@ add_font_entity_to_list (logical_font, physical_font, font_type, lParam)
by a foundry, we accept raster fonts if the font name is found
anywhere within the full name. */
if ((logical_font->elfLogFont.lfOutPrecision == OUT_STRING_PRECIS
&& strstr (logical_font->elfFullName,
&& !strstr (logical_font->elfFullName,
/* Check for well known substitutions that mess things up in the
presence of Type-1 fonts of the same name. */
|| (match_data->pattern.lfFaceName[0]
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