Commit c756cdbe authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(window_display_table): Cleaned up.

parent 487522fe
......@@ -895,20 +895,21 @@ struct Lisp_Char_Table *
window_display_table (w)
struct window *w;
Lisp_Object tem;
tem = w->display_table;
if (DISP_TABLE_P (tem))
return XCHAR_TABLE (tem);
if (NILP (w->buffer))
return 0;
struct Lisp_Char_Table *dp = NULL;
if (DISP_TABLE_P (w->display_table))
dp = XCHAR_TABLE (w->display_table);
else if (BUFFERP (w->buffer))
struct buffer *b = XBUFFER (w->buffer);
if (DISP_TABLE_P (b->display_table))
dp = XCHAR_TABLE (b->display_table);
else if (DISP_TABLE_P (Vstandard_display_table))
dp = XCHAR_TABLE (Vstandard_display_table);
tem = XBUFFER (w->buffer)->display_table;
if (DISP_TABLE_P (tem))
return XCHAR_TABLE (tem);
tem = Vstandard_display_table;
if (DISP_TABLE_P (tem))
return XCHAR_TABLE (tem);
return 0;
return dp;
DEFUN ("set-window-display-table", Fset_window_display_table, Sset_window_display_table, 2, 2, 0,
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