Commit c760c1ee authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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Remove obsolete MacEdit code.

(calc-macro-edit-algebraic, calc-macro-edit-variable)
(calc-macro-edit-variable-2, calc-macro-edit-quick-digit):
Remove functions.
parent c84eeafa
......@@ -787,128 +787,6 @@
(setcar mac str))))
(setcdr def str))))
;;; The following are hooks into the MacEdit package from macedit.el.
(put 'calc-execute-extended-command 'MacEdit-print
(function (lambda ()
(setq macro-str (concat "\excalc-" macro-str)))))
(put 'calcDigit-start 'MacEdit-print
(function (lambda ()
(if calc-algebraic-mode
(MacEdit-unread-chars key-last)
(let ((str "")
(min-bsp 0)
ch last)
(while (and (setq ch (MacEdit-read-char))
(or (and (>= ch ?0) (<= ch ?9))
(memq ch '(?\. ?e ?\_ ?n ?\: ?\# ?M
?o ?h ?\@ ?\"))
(and (memq ch '(?\' ?m ?s))
(string-match "[@oh]" str))
(and (or (and (>= ch ?a) (<= ch ?z))
(and (>= ch ?A) (<= ch ?Z)))
(and (memq ch '(?\177 ?\C-h))
(> (length str) 0))
(and (memq ch '(?+ ?-))
(> (length str) 0)
(eq (aref str (1- (length str)))
(if (or (and (>= ch ?0) (<= ch ?9))
(and (or (not (memq ch '(?\177 ?\C-h)))
(<= (length str) min-bsp))
(setq min-bsp (1+ (length str)))))
(setq str (concat str (char-to-string ch)))
(setq str (substring str 0 -1))))
(if (memq ch '(32 10 13))
(setq str (concat str (char-to-string ch)))
(MacEdit-unread-chars ch))
(insert "type \"")
(MacEdit-insert-string str)
(insert "\"\n"))))))
(defun calc-macro-edit-algebraic ()
(MacEdit-unread-chars key-last)
(let ((str "")
(min-bsp 0))
(while (progn
(MacEdit-lookup-key calc-alg-ent-map)
(or (and (memq key-symbol '(self-insert-command
(< (length str) 60))
(memq key-symbol
(eq key-last 9)))
(setq macro-str (substring macro-str (length key-str)))
(if (or (eq key-symbol 'self-insert-command)
(and (or (not (memq key-symbol '(backward-delete-char
(<= (length str) min-bsp))
(setq min-bsp (+ (length str) (length key-str)))))
(setq str (concat str key-str))
(setq str (substring str 0 -1))))
(if (memq key-last '(10 13))
(setq str (concat str key-str)
macro-str (substring macro-str (length key-str))))
(if (> (length str) 0)
(insert "type \"")
(MacEdit-insert-string str)
(insert "\"\n")))))
(put 'calc-algebraic-entry 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-algebraic)
(put 'calc-auto-algebraic-entry 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-algebraic)
(defun calc-macro-edit-variable (&optional no-cmd)
(let ((str "") ch)
(or no-cmd (insert (symbol-name key-symbol) "\n"))
(if (memq (MacEdit-peek-char) '(?\+ ?\- ?\* ?\/ ?^ ?\|))
(setq str (char-to-string (MacEdit-read-char))))
(if (and (setq ch (MacEdit-peek-char))
(>= ch ?0) (<= ch ?9))
(insert "type \"" str
(char-to-string (MacEdit-read-char)) "\"\n")
(if (> (length str) 0)
(insert "type \"" str "\"\n"))
(put 'calc-store 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-into 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-neg 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-plus 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-minus 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-times 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-div 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-power 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-concat 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-inv 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-decr 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-incr 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-store-exchange 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-unstore 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-recall 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-let 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(put 'calc-permanent-variable 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable)
(defun calc-macro-edit-variable-2 ()
(calc-macro-edit-variable t))
(put 'calc-copy-variable 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable-2)
(put 'calc-declare-variable 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-variable-2)
(defun calc-macro-edit-quick-digit ()
(insert "type \"" key-str "\" # " (symbol-name key-symbol) "\n"))
(put 'calc-store-quick 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-quick-digit)
(put 'calc-store-into-quick 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-quick-digit)
(put 'calc-recall-quick 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-quick-digit)
(put 'calc-select-part 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-quick-digit)
(put 'calc-clean-num 'MacEdit-print 'calc-macro-edit-quick-digit)
(defun calc-finish-formula-edit (func)
(let ((buf (current-buffer))
(str (buffer-substring (point) (point-max)))
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