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......@@ -114,15 +114,14 @@ syntax of `*' changed to be a word constituent.")
(defun list-diary-entries (date number)
"Create and display a buffer containing the relevant lines in diary-file.
All lines that apply to DATE and the next NUMBER-1 days are included.
Makes all diary entries in the diary file invisible (using selective display),
*except* those that are relevant.
The arguments are DATE and NUMBER; the entries selected are those
for NUMBER days starting with date DATE. The other entries are hidden
using selective display.
Returns a list of all relevant diary entries found, if any, in order by date.
The list entries have the form ((month day year) string). If the variable
`diary-list-include-blanks' is t, this list will include a dummy diary entry
(consisting of the empty string) for a date with no diary entries.
`diary-list-include-blanks' is t, this list includes a dummy diary entry
\(consisting of the empty string) for a date with no diary entries.
After the list is prepared, the hooks `nongregorian-diary-listing-hook',
`list-diary-entries-hook', and `diary-display-hook' are run. These hooks
......@@ -182,25 +182,6 @@ Thus ARG can also contain additional grep options."
(setq mode-line-process nil)
(message "find-dired %s finished." (current-buffer))))))
(or (fboundp 'start-process-shell-command)
;; From version 19 subr.el.
(defun start-process-shell-command (name buffer &rest args)
"Start a program in a subprocess. Return the process object for it.
NAME is name for process. It is modified if necessary to make it unique.
BUFFER is the buffer or (buffer-name) to associate with the process.
Process output goes at end of that buffer, unless you specify
an output stream or filter function to handle the output.
BUFFER may be also nil, meaning that this process is not associated
with any buffer
Third arg is command name, the name of a shell command.
Remaining arguments are the arguments for the command.
Wildcards and redirection are handle as usual in the shell."
(if (eq system-type 'vax-vms)
(apply 'start-process name buffer args)
(start-process name buffer shell-file-name "-c"
(concat "exec " (mapconcat 'identity args " "))))))
(provide 'find-dired)
;;; find-dired.el ends here
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