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......@@ -84,27 +84,6 @@ Cubix QBx/386 (i386-cubix-sysv)
Changes merged in 19.1. Systems before 2/A/0 may fail to compile etags.c
due to a compiler bug.
DECstation (mips-dec-ultrix or mips-dec-osf)
This machine is the older Mips-based DECstation.
Emacs should now work on the Alpha CPU.
19.25 works on Ultrix 4.2. The 19.26 pretest was reported to work
on Ultrix 4.2a and on 4.4.
One user reported 19.25 did not work at all with --with-x-toolkit
using X11R5 patch level 10, but worked ok with X11R5 pl26.
See under Ultrix for problems using X windows on Ultrix.
Note that this is a MIPS machine.
For Ultrix versions 4.1 or earlier, you may need to define
SYSTEM_MALLOC in `src/m/pmax.h', because XvmsAlloc.o in libX11.a seems
to insist on defining malloc itself.
For Ultrix versions prior to 4.0, you may need to delete
the definition of START_FILES from `src/m/pmax.h'.
Motorola Delta 147 (m68k-motorola-sysv)
The EMacs 19.26 pretest was reported to work.
......@@ -121,12 +100,6 @@ Fujitsu DS/90 (sparc-fujitsu-sysv4)
Changes merged in 20.3.
HP 9000 series 500: not supported.
The series 500 has a seriously incompatible memory architecture
which relocates data in memory during execution of a program,
and support for it would be difficult to implement.
HP 9000 series 700 or 800 (Spectrum) (hppa1.0-hp-hpux or hppa1.1-hp-hpux
or ...hpux9shr)
......@@ -221,10 +194,6 @@ IBM RS/6000 (rs6000-ibm-aix*)
As of 19.11, if you strip the Emacs executable, it ceases to work.
If you are using AIX 3.2.3, you may get a core dump when loading
ange-ftp. You may be able to fix the problem by defining LIBS_TERMCAP
as -ltermcap -lcurses. Please tell us if this fails to work.
If anyone can fix the above problems, or confirm that they don't happen
with certain versions of various programs, we would appreciate it.
......@@ -233,11 +202,9 @@ IBM System/390 running GNU/Linux (s390-*-linux-gnu)
As of Emacs 21.2, a 31-bit only version is supported on this
Intel 386 (i386-*-bsdi2, i386-*-freebsd, i386-*-linux-gnu,
i386-*-sol2.4, i386-*-sysv3, i386-intsys-sysv,
i386-*-sysv4, i386-*-sysv4.2,
i386-*-sysv5.3, i386-*-bsd4.2, i386-*-cygwin,
i386-*-bsd386, i386-*-386bsd,
Intel 386 (i386-*-freebsd, i386-*-linux-gnu,
i386-*-sol2.4, i386-intsys-sysv,
i386-*-sysv4, i386-*-sysv4.2, i386-*-cygwin,
i386-*-msdos, i386-*-windowsnt.
i386... can be replaced with i486... or i586...)
......@@ -245,9 +212,6 @@ Intel 386 (i386-*-bsdi2, i386-*-freebsd, i386-*-linux-gnu,
you specify does not matter, and you can use any name you like
(but it should not contain any dashes or stars).
When using the ISC configurations, be sure to specify the isc
version number - for example, if you're running ISC 3.0, use
i386-unknown-isc3.0 as your configuration name.
Use i386-*-linux-gnu for GNU/Linux systems; Emacs runs as of version 19.26.
Use i386-*-cygwin for Cygwin; Emacs builds as of version 22.1, in both X11
and non-X11 modes. (The Cygwin site has source and binaries for 21.2.)
......@@ -274,19 +238,12 @@ Intel 386 (i386-*-bsdi2, i386-*-freebsd, i386-*-linux-gnu,
19.29 is reported to crash when using Motif on Solaris 2.5.
The reasons are not yet known.
Use i386-*-bsdiN for BSDI BSD/OS version N; Emacs runs as of version 19.23.
In some system versions, `make' is broken; use GNU make instead.
Shell bugs in version 1.0 of BSD/OS cause configure
to do the wrong thing with --with-x-toolkit; the workaround is to edit
configure to run another shell such as bash.
For System V release 3, use i386-*-sysv3.
For System V release 4, use i386-*-sysv4.
For System V release 4.2, use i386-*-sysv4.2.
If you are using SCO Unix, see notes at end under SCO.
On 386bsd, NetBSD and FreeBSD, at one time, it was necessary to use
On NetBSD and FreeBSD, at one time, it was necessary to use
GNU make, not the system's make. Assuming it's installed as gmake,
do `gmake install MAKE=gmake'. However, more recently it is
reported that using the system Make on NetBSD 1.3.1 works ok.
......@@ -303,28 +260,6 @@ Intel 386 (i386-*-bsdi2, i386-*-freebsd, i386-*-linux-gnu,
but no coherent explanation of why that might be so. If it is so,
in current versions of Linux, something else should probably be changed.
Some sysV.3 systems seem to have bugs in `opendir';
for them, alter `config.h' to define NONSYSTEM_DIR_LIBRARY
and undefine SYSV_SYSTEM_DIR.
If you use optimization on V.3, you may need the option -W2,'-y 0'
to prevent certain faulty optimization.
On 386/ix, to link with shared libraries, add #define USG_SHARED_LIBRARIES
to config.h.
On SCO, there are problems in regexp matching when Emacs is compiled
with the system compiler. The compiler version is "Microsoft C
version 6", SCO 4.2.0h Dev Sys Maintenance Supplement 01/06/93;
Quick C Compiler Version 1.00.46 (Beta). The solution is to compile
with GCC.
On ISC systems (2.02 and more recent), don't try to use the versions
of X that come with the system; use XFree86 instead.
There is no consistency in the handling of certain system header files
on V.3.
Some versions have sys/sioctl.h, and require it in sysdep.c.
But some versions do not have sys/sioctl.h.
For a given version of the system, this may depend on whether you have
......@@ -342,7 +277,7 @@ Intel 386 (i386-*-bsdi2, i386-*-freebsd, i386-*-linux-gnu,
but define `struct tc' instead; add `#define tchars tc'
to config.h to solve this problem.
Iris 4D (mips-sgi-irix[456].*)
Iris 4D (mips-sgi-irix6.*)
Emacs 21.3 is reported to work on IRIX 6.5.x.
......@@ -358,45 +293,6 @@ Iris 4D (mips-sgi-irix[456].*)
could also try reinstalling the same version of GCC, and telling us
whether that fixes the problem.
Mips (mips-mips-riscos, mips-mips-riscos4.0, or mips-mips-bsd)
The C compiler on Riscos 4.51 dumps core trying to optimize
parts of Emacs. Try without optimization or try GCC.
Meanwhile, the linker on that system returns success even if
there are undefined symbols; as a result, configure gets the
wrong answers to various questions. No work-around is known
except to edit src/config.h by hand to indicate which functions
don't exist.
Use mips-mips-riscos4.0 for RISCOS version 4.
Use mips-mips-bsd with the BSD world.
Note that the proper configuration names for DECstations are
mips-dec-ultrix and mips-dec-osf.
If you are compiling with GCC, then you must run fixincludes;
the alternative of using -traditional won't work because
the definition of SIGN_EXTEND_CHAR uses the keyword `signed'.
If the SYSV world is the default, then you probably need the following
line in etc/Makefile:
CFLAGS= -g -systype bsd43
Some operating systems on MIPS machines give SIGTRAP for division by
zero instead of the usual signals. The only real solution is to fix
the system to give a proper signal.
In the meantime, you can change init_data in data.c if you wish.
Change it to handle SIGTRAP as well as SIGFPE. But this will have a
great disadvantage: you will not be able to run Emacs under a
debugger. I think crashing on division by zero is a lesser problem. reported needing to use --x-libraries=/bsd43/usr/lib
on a riscos4bsd site. But it is not clear whether this is needed in
general or only because of quirks on a particular site.
NCR Intel system (i386-ncr-sysv4.2)
This system works in 19.31, but if you don't link it with GNU ld,
......@@ -512,14 +408,6 @@ Sun 4 (sparc), Sun 386 (sparc-sun-solaris2.*,
LD_SWITCH_SYSTEM if your X11 libraries are not in /usr/openwin/lib.
You must make sure that /usr/ucblib is not in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
On Solaris 2.2, with a multiprocessor SparcCenter 1000, Emacs 19.17 is
reported to hang sometimes if it exits while it has one or more
subprocesses (e.g. the `wakeup' subprocess used by `display-time').
Emacs and its subprocesses become zombies, and in their zombie state
slow down their host and disable rlogin and telnet. This is most
likely due to a bug in Solaris 2.2's multiprocessor support,
rather than an Emacs bug.
On Solaris, do not use /usr/ucb/cc. Use /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc. Make
sure that /usr/ccs/bin and /opt/SUNWspro/bin are in your PATH before
/usr/ucb. (Most free software packages have the same requirement on
......@@ -551,18 +439,10 @@ Tadpole 68K (m68k-tadpole-sysv)
chmod 2755 etc/movemail; chgrp mail etc/movemail
Vaxen running Berkeley Unix (vax-dec-bsd4.1, vax-dec-bsd4.2, vax-dec-bsd4.3),
Ultrix (vax-dec-ultrix),
System V (vax-dec-sysv0, vax-dec-sysv2), or
VMS (vax-dec-vms)
See under Ultrix for problems using X windows on Ultrix (vax-dec-ultrix).
18.27 worked on System V rel 2 (vax-dec-sysv2).
18.36 worked on System V rel 0 (vax-dec-sysv0).
Richard Levitte <> distributes a set of patches to
Emacs 18.59 to make it work nicely under VMS. Emacs 19 probably
won't work very well, or even compile. Levitte is working on a
......@@ -600,16 +480,6 @@ MSDOS
near the end of the file). See the "MS-DOS" chapter of the manual
for information about using Emacs on MSDOS.
SCO Unix
If you are using MMDF instead of sendmail, you need to remove
/usr/lib/sendmail or modify lisp/paths.el before compiling.
lisp/paths.el (which is loaded during the build) will attempt to use
sendmail if it exists.
If you are using SMAIL, you need to define the macro
SMAIL in config.h.
System V rel 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 (usg5.4)
Supported, including shared libraries for ELF, but ptys do not work
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