Commit c79825bd authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/progmodes/compile.el (compilation-start): Try to handle common

quoting of `cd' argument.

Fixes: debbugs:12640
parent 9c3e39f3
2012-10-23 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/compile.el (compilation-start): Try to handle common
quoting of `cd' argument (bug#12640).
* vc/diff-mode.el (diff-hunk): `save-excursion' while refining
......@@ -1568,12 +1568,20 @@ Returns the compilation buffer created."
;; Then evaluate a cd command if any, but don't perform it yet, else
;; start-command would do it again through the shell: (cd "..") AND
;; sh -c "cd ..; make"
(cd (if (string-match "\\`\\s *cd\\(?:\\s +\\(\\S +?\\)\\)?\\s *[;&\n]"
(if (match-end 1)
(substitute-env-vars (match-string 1 command))
(cd (cond
((not (string-match "\\`\\s *cd\\(?:\\s +\\(\\S +?\\|'[^']*'\\|\"\\(?:[^\"`$\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*\"\\)\\)?\\s *[;&\n]"
((not (match-end 1)) "~")
((eq (aref command (match-beginning 1)) ?\')
(substring command (1+ (match-beginning 1))
(1- (match-end 1))))
((eq (aref command (match-beginning 1)) ?\")
"\\\\\\(.\\)" "\\1"
(substring command (1+ (match-beginning 1))
(1- (match-end 1)))))
(t (substitute-env-vars (match-string 1 command)))))
;; Select the desired mode.
(if (not (eq mode t))
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