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Merge Org 7.9.3 (commit 31c1aea)

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2013-01-08 Bastien Guerry <>
* org.texi (Pushing to MobileOrg): Add footnote about using
symbolic links in `org-directory'.
(Timestamps, Deadlines and scheduling): Use `diary-float' instead
of the now obsolete alias `org-float'.
(TODO basics): Add `org-use-fast-todo-selection' to the variable
index. Fix description of TODO keywords cycling.
(Advanced features): Add missing argument for @item.
(Storing searches): Add index entries and a note about
*-tree agenda views.
2013-01-06 Andreas Schwab <>
* autotype.texi: Remove undefined command @subtitlefont.
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
@c %**start of header
@setfilename ../../info/org
@settitle The Org Manual
@set VERSION 7.9.2 (GNU Emacs 24.3)
@set VERSION 7.9.3 (GNU Emacs 24.3)
@c Use proper quote and backtick for code sections in PDF output
@c Cf. Texinfo manual 14.2
......@@ -3747,6 +3747,8 @@ The most important commands to work with TODO entries are:
@table @kbd
@orgcmd{C-c C-t,org-todo}
@cindex cycling, of TODO states
@vindex org-use-fast-todo-selection
Rotate the TODO state of the current item among
......@@ -3754,14 +3756,19 @@ Rotate the TODO state of the current item among
@end example
The same rotation can also be done ``remotely'' from the timeline and
agenda buffers with the @kbd{t} command key (@pxref{Agenda commands}).
If TODO keywords have fast access keys (see @ref{Fast access to TODO
states}), you will be prompted for a TODO keyword through the fast selection
interface; this is the default behavior when
@var{org-use-fast-todo-selection} is @code{non-nil}.
The same rotation can also be done ``remotely'' from the timeline and agenda
buffers with the @kbd{t} command key (@pxref{Agenda commands}).
@orgkey{C-u C-c C-t}
Select a specific keyword using completion or (if it has been set up)
the fast selection interface. For the latter, you need to assign keys
to TODO states, see @ref{Per-file keywords}, and @ref{Setting tags}, for
more information.
When TODO keywords have no selection keys, select a specific keyword using
completion; otherwise force cycling through TODO states with no prompt. When
@var{org-use-fast-todo-selection} is set to @code{prefix}, use the fast
selection interface.
@kindex S-@key{right}
@kindex S-@key{left}
......@@ -5512,7 +5519,7 @@ example with optional time
* 22:00-23:00 The nerd meeting on every 2nd Thursday of the month
<%%(org-float t 4 2)>
<%%(diary-float t 4 2)>
@end example
@item Time/Date range
......@@ -5850,7 +5857,7 @@ entries. Org mode will issue early and late warnings based on the
assumption that the timestamp represents the @i{nearest instance} of
the repeater. However, the use of diary sexp entries like
@code{<%%(org-float t 42)>}
@code{<%%(diary-float t 42)>}
in scheduling and deadline timestamps is limited. Org mode does not
know enough about the internals of each sexp function to issue early and
......@@ -6539,7 +6546,7 @@ suggestion.} for capturing new material.
@table @kbd
@orgcmd{C-c c,org-capture}
Call the command @code{org-capture}. Note that this keybinding is global and
not active by default; you need to install it. If you have templates
not active by default: you need to install it. If you have templates
@cindex date tree
defined @pxref{Capture templates}, it will offer these templates for
selection or use a new Org outline node as the default template. It will
......@@ -8621,6 +8628,13 @@ buffer, or a sparse tree (the latter covering of course only the current
@kindex C-c a C
@vindex org-agenda-custom-commands
@cindex agenda views, main example
@cindex tags, as an agenda view
@cindex todo, as an agenda view
@cindex tags-todo
@cindex todo-tree
@cindex occur-tree
@cindex tags-tree
Custom commands are configured in the variable
@code{org-agenda-custom-commands}. You can customize this variable, for
......@@ -8681,6 +8695,9 @@ additional key (@kbd{l}, @kbd{p} or @kbd{k}) to select a name (Lisa,
Peter, or Kim) as additional tag to match.
@end table
Note that the @code{*-tree} agenda views need to be called from an
Org buffer as they operate on the current buffer only.
@node Block agenda, Setting Options, Storing searches, Custom agenda views
@subsection Block agenda
@cindex block agenda
......@@ -16537,14 +16554,18 @@ to the directory @code{org-mobile-directory}. By default this list contains
all agenda files (as listed in @code{org-agenda-files}), but additional files
can be included by customizing @code{org-mobile-files}. File names will be
staged with paths relative to @code{org-directory}, so all files should be
inside this directory. The push operation also creates a special Org file
@file{} with all custom agenda view defined by the
user@footnote{While creating the agendas, Org mode will force ID properties
on all referenced entries, so that these entries can be uniquely identified
if @i{MobileOrg} flags them for further action. If you do not want to get
these properties in so many entries, you can set the variable
@code{org-mobile-force-id-on-agenda-items} to @code{nil}. Org mode will then
rely on outline paths, in the hope that these will be unique enough.}.
inside this directory@footnote{Symbolic links in @code{org-directory} need to
have the same name than their targets.}.
The push operation also creates a special Org file @file{} with
all custom agenda view defined by the user@footnote{While creating the
agendas, Org mode will force ID properties on all referenced entries, so that
these entries can be uniquely identified if @i{MobileOrg} flags them for
further action. If you do not want to get these properties in so many
entries, you can set the variable @code{org-mobile-force-id-on-agenda-items}
to @code{nil}. Org mode will then rely on outline paths, in the hope that
these will be unique enough.}.
Finally, Org writes the file @file{}, containing links to all other
files. @i{MobileOrg} first reads this file from the server, and then
downloads all agendas and Org files listed in it. To speed up the download,
ORG NEWS -- history of user-visible changes. -*- org -*-
#+LINK: doc
Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end of the file for license conditions.
Please send Org bug reports to
* Version 7.9.3
** New option [[doc::org-agenda-use-tag-inheritance][org-agenda-use-tag-inheritance]]
[[doc::org-use-tag-inheritance][org-use-tag-inheritance]] controls whether tags are inherited when
org-tags-view is called (either in =tags=, =tags-tree= or =tags-todo=
agenda views.)
When generating other agenda types such as =agenda=, =todo= and
=todo-tree=, tags inheritance is not used when selecting the entries
to display. Still, you might want to have all tag information correct
in the agenda buffer, e.g. for tag filtering. In that case, add the
agenda type to this variable.
Setting this variable to nil should considerably speeds up the agenda
Note that the default was to display inherited tags in the agenda
lines even if `org-use-tag-inheritance' was nil. The default is now
to *never* display inherited tags in agenda lines, but to /know/ about
them when the agenda type is listed in [[doc::org-agenda-use-tag-inheritance][org-agenda-use-tag-inheritance]].
** New default value nil for [[doc::org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks][org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks]]
Using `nil' as the default value speeds up the agenda generation. You
can hit `#' (or `C-u #') in agenda buffers to temporarily dim (or turn
invisible) blocked tasks.
** New speedy keys for [[doc::org-speed-commands-default][org-speed-commands-default]]
You can now use `:' (instead of `;') for setting tags---this is
consistent with using the `:' key in agenda view.
You can now use `=' for [[doc::org-columns][org-columns]].
** =org-float= is now obsolete, use =diary-float= instead
** No GPL manual anymore
There used to be a GPL version of the Org manual, but this is not the
case anymore, the Free Software Foundation does not permit this.
The GNU FDL license is now included in the manual directly.
** Enhanced compatibility with Emacs 22 and XEmacs
Thanks to Achim for his work on enhancing Org's compatibility with
various Emacsen. Things may not be perfect, but Org should work okay
in most environments.
* Version 7.9.2
** New ELPA repository for Org packages
File suppressed by a .gitattributes entry or the file's encoding is unsupported.
% Reference Card for Org Mode
\def\versionyear{2012} % latest update
\input emacsver.tex
\def\versionyear{2013} % latest update
\def\year{2013} % latest copyright year
%**start of header
2013-01-08 Achim Gratz <>
* org-compat.el (org-define-obsolete-function-alias)
(org-define-obsolete-variable-alias): Introduce new compatibility
macros to obsolete functions and variables.
* org-agenda.el, org-clock.el, org-id.el, org-lparse.el,
org-protocol.el org.el: Use
`org-define-obsolete-{function,variable}-alias' instead of
* org-faces.el: Define face alias mode-line for XEmacs (it's
called modeline there).
* org-compat.el (org-condition-case-unless-debug): Do not use
defalias for special forms, the Emacs 22 byte-compiler does not
recognize them correctly when compiling macros. Use a macro
instead and rely on macro expansion. That however makes the
decision at compile time, which should be acceptable in this case
since it only affects debugging.
* org-compat.el (org-no-popups): New wrapper macro which let-binds
the correct variables to suppress popup windows depending on the
Emacs version in use. This is a compile-time decision when
* org.el (org-get-location, org-switch-to-buffer-other-window):
Use the wrapper `org-no-popups´ to let-bind the correct variables
for suppression of popup windows.
* org-compat.el (user-error): Defalias to `error´ for Emacsen that
don't have it.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-write): Use org-called-interactively-p
instead of called-interactively-p.
* org.el (org-find-invisible-foreground): Do not use the value of
variables `default-frame-alist´, `initial-frame-alist´ and
`window-system-default-frame-alist´ when their symbol is not
2013-01-08 Bastien Guerry <>
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-finalize): Don't remove tag alignment
depending on `org-prefix-has-tag', this should depend on
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-finalize): Downcase tags when readding
them after agenda generation.
* org.el (org-setup-filling): Set `auto-fill-inhibit-regexp' from
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-use-tag-inheritance): Fix custom
* org.el (org-entry-get): Speed up by let-binding some variables
only if needed. Also fix a bug: consider an empty drawer as no
* org-agenda.el (org-search-view, org-agenda-get-todos)
(org-agenda-get-timestamps, org-agenda-get-sexps)
(org-agenda-get-progress, org-agenda-get-deadlines)
(org-agenda-get-scheduled, org-agenda-get-blocks)
(org-agenda-change-all-lines): Get local tags only.
(org-agenda-use-tag-inheritance): New option.
(org-agenda-finalize): When `org-agenda-use-tag-inheritance'
is non-nil, possibly reset tags in the agenda buffer.
(org-agenda-check-type): Enhance docstring.
* org.el (org-use-tag-inheritance): Fix typo in docstring.
* org-agenda.el (org-float): Don't alias `org-float'.
* org.el (org-scan-tags): The skipper already checks for archived
* org.el (org-refresh-properties): Rename from
`org-refresh-effort-properties' and use two new parameters.
(org-agenda-prepare-buffers): Use `org-refresh-properties'.
Also refresh the 'org-appt-warntime text property.
* org-clock.el (org-clock-in): Use the renamed defun.
* org-icalendar.el (org-icalendar-print-entries): Refresh the
'org-appt-warntime property.
(org-icalendar-print-entries): Do not use `org-entry-get' to get
the "APPT_WARNTIME" property value.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-get-timestamps)
(org-agenda-get-sexps, org-agenda-get-deadlines)
(org-agenda-get-scheduled): Ditto.
* org.el (org-adaptive-fill-function): Fix checking of
(org-id-link-to-org-use-id): Fix compiler warning.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-format-item): Do not use
org-get-effort to get the effort text property.
(org-agenda-get-sexps): Use `org-back-to-heading' when setting
the tags.
* org-clock.el (org-clock-in): Refresh effort properties.
* org.el (org-refresh-effort-properties): New defun.
(org-get-effort): Delete.
(org-set-effort): Set the 'org-effort text property.
(org-property-next-allowed-value): Ditto.
(org-agenda-prepare-buffers): Refresh effort properties.
* org.el (org-read-date): Let-bind `mouse-autoselect-window' to
nil so that the mouse doesn't jump when the option is set to t
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks): Default to nil.
(org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks): Make interactive and allow an
optional parameter 'invisible to hide blocked tasks instead of
just dimming them.
(org-agenda-mode-map): Bind `org-agenda-dim-blocked-tasks' to
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-finalize): Don't try to align tags
when there are no tags. Only try to draw the habit consistency
graph when there is a habit in the buffer. Only mark clocking
task when there is one.
* org.el (org-adaptive-fill-function): DTRT in `message-mode'.
* org.el (org-get-priority): Save match data even when using
* org-mobile.el (org-mobile-create-index-file): Possibly
normalize `org-todo-keywords'.
* org-mobile.el (org-mobile-push): Use the correct agenda
buffer names.
* org.el (org-store-link): Use `org-id-link-to-org-use-id' instead
of the obsolete variable name.
* org.el (org-fontify-meta-lines-and-blocks-1): Fix bug when
fontifying keywords with no value.
* org.el (org-goto-auto-isearch): Enhance docstring.
(org-goto-map): Make a defun, so that the customized value of
org-goto-auto-isearch is correctly initialized.
(org-goto): Initialize the keymap with `org-goto-map'.
(org-get-location): Use *Org Help* as a temporary buffer.
Tell whether auto-isearch is on or off.
* org-exp.el (org-export-as-org): Remove useless argument.
* org-docbook.el (org-export-as-docbook-batch)
(org-export-region-as-docbook, org-export-as-docbook-pdf): Fix
the number of arguments.
(org-export-as-docbook): Remove useless argument.
* org.el (org-speed-commands-default): Use ":" instead of ";" for
`org-set-tags-command', which is consistent with ":" in agenda
view. Use "=" for `org-columns".
* org.el (org-sparse-tree): Fix redundant information in prompt.
* org-exp.el (org-export-string): Fix number of arguments passed
to the org-export-as-* functions.
* org-latex.el (org-export-as-latex): Fix typo in docstring.
* org-list.el (org-cycle-include-plain-lists): Docstring
* org.el (org-fontify-meta-lines-and-blocks-1): Fix fontification
bug when fontifying a keyword with no associated value.
(org-cycle-internal-local): Don't run hooks when cycling a plain
list before first headline.
(org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c): Throw a user error when trying to toggle a
blocked checkbox.
(org-indent-line): Fix table formulas indenting.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-open-link): Fix bug when no link is
matched. Return a message instead of an error.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-priority): Remove useless parameter
and fix showing priority in agenda buffers.
* org-macs.el (org-with-buffer-modified-unmodified): New macro.
* org.el (org-entry-blocked-p): Use the new macro.
* org-src.el (org-edit-src-exit): Don't comma-escape the content
of a fixed width region.
* org.el (org-blocker-hook): Update the docstring to mention that
functions in this hook should not modify the buffer.
(org-trigger-hook): Small docstring fix.
(org-entry-blocked-p): Use `with-buffer-modified-unmodified'
so that the function never modifies the buffer.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-open-link): Allow to open an internal
link by using the new `org-offer-links-in-entry' function.
* org.el (org-offer-links-in-entry): Do not open the link directly
through `org-open-link-from-string', only offer to select a link
and return a cons with the link (as a string) and the end of
(org-open-at-point): Use `org-offer-links-in-entry' correctly.
* org.el (org-cycle-internal-local): Fix bug: allow headings with
leading blank characters.
* org-clock.el (org-clock-persist): Docstring fix: document the
'history value.
* org.el (org-insert-link): Fix bug when inserting links to
headlines containing the ">" character.
* org-crypt.el (org-at-encrypted-entry-p): Fix search boundary.
* org-compat.el (org-delete-directory): New compatibility function
for Emacs 22, where `delete-directory' does not support recursive
* org-odt.el (org-odt-cleanup-xml-buffers): Use the new
compatibility function.
* org.el (org-table-map-tables): Fix allowed blocks.
(org-edit-special): Fix regression: allow editing HTML and
LaTeX source blocks again.
* org-src.el (org-edit-src-code): Ditto.
* org.el (org-nonsticky-props): Add `htmlize-link'.
* org.el (org-nonsticky-props): Add `htmlize-link'.
* org.el (org-edit-special): Don't edit in verbatim blocks.
* org-src.el (org-edit-src-code): Ditto.
* org-table.el (org-table-fedit-lisp-indent)
(orgtbl-self-insert-command): Use `org-delete-backward-char'
instead of `backward-delete-char'.
* org.el (org-delete-backward-char, org-delete-char): Save match
* org-src.el (org-edit-src-code): Fix another bug about editing
special blocks "example" and "verbatim".
* org.el (org-structure-template-alist): Add verbatim.
(org-edit-special): Fix bug about editing special blocks
"example" and "verbatim".
* org.el (org-delete-backward-char, org-delete-char): Save match
data (`delete-backward-char' and `delete-char' don't.)
(org-enable-table-editor, org-insert-heading)
(org-remove-timestamp-with-keyword, org-self-insert-command):
Use `delete-backward-char' instead of `backward-delete-char'.
* org-table.el (org-table-fedit-lisp-indent)
(orgtbl-self-insert-command): Ditto.
* org-latex.el (org-export-latex-subcontent): Ditto.
* org-clock.el (org-clocktable-write-default): Ditto.
* org-ascii.el (org-export-ascii-preprocess): Ditto.
* org.el (org-todo): Ignore the comment string when changing the
TODO state of a headline.
* org.el (org-edit-special): Fix docstring.
(org-in-src-block-p): Small enhancement.
* org-publish.el (org-publish-org-to): Call `org-export-as-*'
functions with the correct list of arguments.
* org-html.el (org-export-as-html): Delete obsolete arg `hidden'.
(org-export-as-html-and-open, org-export-as-html-batch)
(org-export-region-as-html): Don't use obsolete arg.
* org-ascii.el (org-export-as-ascii): Delete obsolete arg
(org-export-as-ascii-to-buffer): Don't use obsolete arg.
* org.el (org-in-fixed-width-region-p): Save match data.
(org-in-src-block-p): Use case-folding for searching the block
(org-activate-plain-links, org-activate-angle-links)
(org-activate-bracket-links): Prevent link activation in
source code blocks.
* org-odt.el (org-odt-cleanup-xml-buffers): Fix Emacs Bug#13197 by
setting the correct buffer before marking it unmodified to
silently kill him.
* org.el (org-set-font-lock-defaults): Don't activate links in
source code blocks and fixed-width regions.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-finalize): Fix links activation.
* org.el (org-open-at-point): Throw the correct error on
non-links. Use `user-error' instead of `error'.
* org.el (org-in-fixed-width-region-p): Define before use.
* org-src.el (org-in-src-block-p): Declare function.
* org-compat.el: Fix bug: don't use `eval-when-compile' when
aliasing `user-error'.
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-skip): Only check if point is
inside a code block, not at a code block.
* org.el (org-in-fixed-width-region-p): Rewrite using
* org.el (org-fill-paragraph): Fill correctly in source code
* org.el (org-in-fixed-width-region-p): New function.
(org-edit-special): Fix bug: make sure to DTRT in every
special environment. Also use the new function to check
against fixed-width environment.
* org-src.el (org-edit-src-code): Check if we are in a source code
block with `org-in-src-block-p'. Slightly reformat the docstring.
* org.el (org-in-src-block-p): Return t when point is at the
#+BEGIN_SRC/#+END_SRC lines unless the new optional parameter
'inside is set to t.
* ob-exp.el (obe-marker): Delete useless var.
* org-src.el (org-edit-src-code): Fix bug triggered by the sexp
(copy-marker nil) on Emacs <24.1.
2013-01-08 Dmitry Antipov <>
* org-agenda.el (org-agenda-get-restriction-and-command): Use
* org-capture.el (org-capture-place-template): Ditto.
* org-colview-xemacs.el (org-dblock-write:columnview): Ditto.
* org-colview.el (org-dblock-write:columnview): Ditto.
* org-mobile.el (org-mobile-locate-entry): Ditto.
* org-table.el (org-table-convert-region): Ditto.
* org.el (org-update-statistics-cookies): Ditto.
2013-01-08 Eric Schulte <>
* org-exp.el (org-export-string): Pass the dir option on through
to any subsequent export functions.
2013-01-08 Henning Weiss <> (tiny change)
* org-mobile.el (org-mobile-sumo-agenda-command): Remove match
description from block agendas when they have a title.
2013-01-08 Jambunathan K <>
* org-odt.el (org-export-as-odt-batch): Init `org-odt-zip-dir'.
Fix Emacs Bug#13254.
* org-odt.el (org-odt-format-org-link): Add check for presence of
description in headline links.
2013-01-08 Michael Albinus <>
* ob.el (org-babel-temp-file): Fix setting of
`temporary-file-directory' on remote hosts.
* ob-eval.el (org-babel-shell-command-on-region): Use
`process-file' instead of `call-process-region'. The latter one
does not work on remote hosts.
2013-01-08 Michael Gauland <> (tiny change)
* org-src.el: Create a marker to pass to copy-marker.
2013-01-08 Nicolas Goaziou <>
* org.el (org-setup-filling): Ignore `auto-fill-inhibit-regexp'.
The idea behind this is that `org-adaptive-fill-function' already
determines which lines should be filled.
* org.el (org-fill-paragraph): Small refactoring.
* org-element.el (org-element--parse-elements)
(org-element-at-point): Fix parsing of a list in a block in a
2013-01-08 Sebastien Vauban <>
* org.el (org-copy-subtree, org-paste-subtree): Fix whitespace
handling when copying/pasting a subtree.
2013-01-07 Glenn Morris <>
* progmodes/compile.el (compilation-parse-errors):
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(defvar org-babel-error-buffer-name "*Org-Babel Error Output*")
(declare-function org-babel-temp-file "ob-core" (prefix &optional suffix))
(defun org-babel-eval-error-notify (exit-code stderr)
"Open a buffer to display STDERR and a message with the value of EXIT-CODE."
......@@ -134,15 +135,19 @@ specifies the value of ERROR-BUFFER."
(let ((error-file
(if error-buffer
(expand-file-name "scor"
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(let ((input-file (org-babel-temp-file "input-"))
(error-file (if error-buffer (org-babel-temp-file "scor-") nil))
(if (file-executable-p
(concat (file-remote-p default-directory) shell-file-name))
;; There is an error in `process-file' when `error-file' exists.
;; This is fixed in Emacs trunk as of 2012-12-21; let's use this
;; workaround for now.
(unless (file-remote-p default-directory)
(delete-file error-file))
(if (or replace
(and output-buffer
(not (or (bufferp output-buffer) (stringp output-buffer)))))
......@@ -151,12 +156,14 @@ specifies the value of ERROR-BUFFER."
;; Don't muck with mark unless REPLACE says we should.
(goto-char start)
(and replace (push-mark (point) 'nomsg))
(write-region start end input-file)
(delete-region start end)
(setq exit-status
(call-process-region start end shell-file-name t
(if error-file
(list output-buffer error-file)