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magic-mode-alist & conf-mode.el

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......@@ -106,8 +106,8 @@ of the file that precede the first header line.
** `set-auto-mode' now gives the interpreter magic line (if present)
precedence over the file name. Likewise an <?xml or <!DOCTYPE declaration
will give the buffer XML or SGML mode, unless the file name leads to a mode in
will give the buffer XML or SGML mode, based on the new var
** New function `looking-back' checks whether a regular expression matches
......@@ -2091,6 +2091,13 @@ anyone has committed to the repository since you last executed
* New modes and packages in Emacs 21.4
** The new package conf-mode.el handles thousands of configuration files, with
varying syntaxes for comments (;, #, //, /* */ or !), assignment (var = value,
var : value, var value or keyword var value) and sections ([section] or
section { }). Many files under /etc/, or with suffixes like .cf through
.config, .properties (Java), .desktop (KDE/Gnome), .ini and many others are
** The new package password.el provide a password cache and expiring mechanism.
** The new package dns-mode.el add syntax highlight of DNS master files.
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